28 June 2016

You don't get rid of plantar fasciitis, it gets rid of you!

My MRI confirmed an ugly dose of PF. 
I was slightly surprised because since my initial consultation suggested it might have been fat pad atrophy - I had been able to run. 
I strapped it up, added back the heel cup and ran. 
The first week was just steady 5kms and the second week 10.6km roo+lakes. I had all the standard not run for two months aches and pains, particularly my hamstrings have been incredibly tight. I thought it was something caused by all the cycling I had been doing.
Last weekend I managed a long run (20km around Redcliffe peninsula) and a tempo run (10.6km in 3;52 K's) and was still able to keep going. 
This Sunday I even managed my mega Narangba dreaming loop, though to say I was smashed following was an understatement. I took a recovery day yesterday and got out this morning for 10.6km - pretty steady as Sunday was still in my legs and it was freezing cold (about 8 O C) I wore two tops my beaney and gloves. Pace was 4;35 per KM which is about as slow as I ever run but I still put in quite a bit of effort to achieve that. Will be interesting to see if I can train on a track in a week or so. The consultant suggested my management of the PF was working well and to continue doing what I was doing. He recommended some shock wave therapy - but I'm not convinced of its benefit as last time I had it , it didn't do too much and cost $500 (no rebate). It would probably be cheaper getting it at a local physio as opposed to Brisbane Private. I have tentatively booked back to see the consultant in a months time for PRP therapy (blood extracted spun and platelets injected back into the PF - the only problem is that therapy requires 4 weeks post injection recovery no running and I would have very little time to get fit for Perth and the therapy has no guarantee it will work.
I read on facebook someone said you don't get rid of PF it gets rid of you!

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coach dion said...

I feel your pain...

I have just torn my Meniscus... so I'm under the knife next week and hope it's fixable... rehab starts in 3-6 weeks... running 3-6 months!

Remember there are always people worse off than you! That really struck home when I walked out to the shop last week and I saw a guy with only one leg!

Hope your recovery is fast