07 June 2016

A tentative return

A puncture 2km into a ride just over a week ago followed by a walk home and back out for a 5.6km run was a tentative return to running after over 8 weeks off. The heel come though it ok and I followed it up with another ride the next day then a week of running just 5k's a day. Fitness level was OK but by the end of the week the heel was giving me pain, so took a day off yesterday and will see how I go this evening. 

1 comment:

Ronnie said...

Your injury must be driving you to distraction David. Sincerely hope you can overcome this injury and get back on track. Your race history speaks for itself. Some seriously solid and impressive running in your "recorded masters performances" blog. I know the other lads want to see you in action again.
Cheers Ronnie.