02 September 2016

10,000m 34;13 Hard Easy

I gave one of the old Loughborough sessions a bash on Tuesday.
25 laps Hard /Easy.
Its a tough one mentally to perform, a long way to go but when you break it down to to just 13 Hard efforts you get through it. The difficulty is trying to judge how hard the hard laps should be and how easy the easy laps should be. If the aim was run a 10 second differential I failed as it was more like 3 to 5 seconds judging by the data graphs on Connect and Strava (plus the track segment results). Still I was might happy to run 34;13 by myself on a near deserted track at Nudgee. I did this session during a purple patch 9th September 2014 and ran a 33;46 but I'm not going to denigrate what I did this week, it gives me the confidence to expect to run sub 34 when I want to.
I am training well, feeling good (niggles in left metatarsals and left patella).
Averaging 110km a week for the last month - way above what I normally do. I can afford to keep it steady for the next few weeks (well two weeks in California will curtail training).

Here is the session;

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