09 October 2016


We arrived back from West Coast USA on Tuesday morning. We had a fantastic time visiting LA, San Diego, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon (South Rim), Yosemite National Park and San Francisco / Salusalito.
The holiday was a celebration of my 55th, Natalie's 50th and our 25th all in the last week of our vacation. We took our two youngest Max and Lily.
I managed to keep training going pretty well, just one day sick and international date line meant missed two days training. Found a track in LA only 2km away from our apartment. Managed a 3km tempo on it one day and 20 x 400 another day. Most running in LA was around Pan Pacific Park. The roads and shocking state of the 'pavements' meant anything else was near impossible.
At The Grand Canyon I managed a couple of runs, first was just 4km in near pitch dark, but at least I found a track that I ran on the next day for a steady 12km run. Back in Vegas I managed a session in a vacant parking lot (there are many in Vegas!) About 10x500 , and next-day ran 8x800 at University of Las Vegas track (just a mile from out hotel just off the Strip).
At Yosemite I found a Mountainous track via Strava not far from our Lodge but it had signs across the gate at the entrance saying closed due to recent spotting of a mountain lion!!
I still ran along it for a KM (for a Strava segment CR) but ran with a big stick and crapping myself about being meeting a furry friend along the way!
At Salsausalito (San Fran), I did a run from our apartment across the Golden Gate Bridge North to South and back. I hammered it to see where I'd rank on the Strava segments but was disappointed with 62nd all time due to all the cyclist's who had recorded their rides as runs! I have contacted Strava to ask if they can't filter out cyclists and bad GPS activity as it spoils segments , over 13000 people have done this one! And San Fran is headquarters of Strava.
The Bridge is hugely crowded with tourists so go late or early to be able to run across. We walked over during the day at a time running would have been near impossible. Very very windy too!
Salusalito is set on a hillside overlooking Alcatraz and the bay, very picturesque. Our apartment was also on the steepest of streets so I did a session of 12 efforts up it. About 100m with jog back recovery. A week later and my glutes are still in prices from that session , not a wise move!
Got back home and just ran steady all week as I tried to recover from jet lag and that hill session.

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