27 February 2017

BRRC 15km 54;33

Training this week has seen the mileage maintained at never before levels since the start of December (yes I know I said I would cut back but I'm enjoying it).
127km this week and turned over 1000+ KM, year to date.
Some days I feel better than others.
The main issue areas are the knees (general tendinitis) and also the bridges of both feet have some hot spots in the metatarsal area (the left foot for over 8 months) My thinking is, if it was a stress fracture I wouldn't be able to run pain free at times (it comes and goes).

It was my turn for volunteer duty at Brisbane Road Runners Club this Sunday.
I had to get up at 3;45am to get there for my 5;00am duty! madness but I kind of like the craziness of it.
My role was to take the entry fees from non club members who wished to run. $10 for adults and $4 for Under 18's. I must have taken hundreds $$$ in the rush 15 minutes before registration closes.
A chap with an Australian (Rio) singlet collared me to ask about what we do. I recognized him as Dane Bird-Smith who won a Bronze in the 20KM Walk. I shook his hand and congratulated him, his performance was one of THE highlights at Rio for me. He has been asked to speak at the Clubs AGM so I pointed out Club Matriarch, Betty Menzies as I was way to busy to chat for more than a minute.
They close registration 5 minutes before race start and allow volunteers to run if they want (but no warm up). Knowing this I had got my long (27km) run in on Saturday and determined to Tempo run the 15km Sunday. Lined up behind the first few rows mentally preparing myself not to race off the line. Said hello to one of the legends of Brisbane female distance runners Margo Manning.
Off and running I quickly ascended to the front and tried to hold a strong but steady pace. Another runner,Simon Allison, pushed on and gapped me. I hoped he was only doing 1 lap (5km) or 2 laps (10kms). It turned out to be just the one. 
Dane Bird-Smith had also joined in and looked freakishly comfortable as he 'walked' with the other better runners, holding a conversation!
The conditions were much more amicable  than the appalling humidity we experienced at both my previous outings at BRRC. I felt quite comfortable ticking off 3;30's and 3;35 KM's, I slowed up for the 180 O turns. 
My first 5km lap was 18;14 followed by a 18;22 (36;37 10KM) and finished with a 17;55 for 54:33 1st place. 
My volunteer duties included helping tidy up the Clubhouse following the event so I didn't stop my watch and ran on for another lap cool down for 20km 74;03 (my Garmin read it 20.1km at an average 3;41 KM).

Results are posted here

Forget your Jamaican Bolts or your Sudanese/British Farrah's we have got the Bird man !

The Bird Man's performance at Rio a major highlight

Choose a mug or a plate for your prize

I'll have a mug please. With race director Kerri Hodge and 15km 2nd placer Neil Bath

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