14 February 2017

BRRC 5Mile Championship 1st 27;53

The weekend saw temperatures in South East Queensland setting record highs (47 C out West!!).
For us runners it made for uncomfortable, tough conditions. 
I have to get up at 4;00am (instead of my standard 4;30am) to make the 6;00am start at trendy West End in the city. 
The club uses the facilities of the South Brisbane Sailing Club for registration/toilets etc. 
I ran a 2.5km warm up and we lined up for the race just after 6;00am. 
The temperature was 26 C with 84% humidity but as the course follows the Brisbane River I am sure the humidity levels there are higher. 
The course is built around a 5km out and back loop with a couple on inclines and falls to negotiate plus two 180 O turns per lap.
Clay Dawson and I had a little interchange during the first KM (3;14) before Clay stretched away over the 2nd and 3rd K's. 
Clay gapped me about 5 seconds as we completed the first shorter 3KM lap. 
On a slight decline Clay appeared to stub his foot on the tarmac as he then yelped in pain and stopped - his calf had popped. He told me to keep going which I felt uncomfortable doing. Clay did manage to get back on course and jog the remainder of the run. It left me out alone in front and I ran as hard as conditions allowed but it was really horrid and very uncomfortable. My K's dropped into the 3;30's and I finished in 27;53. It was interesting racing a 5 Miler/8KM, we very seldom race them these days but I am keen to try out these different distances and will be having a go at 15KM, 20KM, 25KM and may even do a 30KM in the winter.
Results are here
Mike Trees is staying with us for a couple of days next weekend (on a stopover from Tokyo to NZ). 
He is still recovering from a back operation and is hardly able to run which means I hope to be able to smash him at his 99th parkrun (North Lakes or Sandgate) on Saturday morning (I need to get some victories over him as our Head to Head is heavily in his favour).
I shall not be taking it seriously as Saturday evening is the State 5000m Championship.

you can see the 4x180 O turns

The first lap is a 3km loop with turn back at Davies Park the second lap is the  standard 5km lap

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Walls of Oak said...

When you get a message from Lusty Lucy to be at Sandgate pier for the weekly park run you know it can mean only one thing . The Garmin Lama has something special in store . What could it be ? My first thoughts were of an attempt on the 100% age grading barrier . The GL sits atop the age graded league there like some latter day colossus with running luminaries and legends such as Mike Trees , John Shaw and Ron Peters well down the pecking order . I was surprised then to see the Scotsman and crowd favourite pushing Mike Trees in his wheel chair to the starting line . We all know the tragic story of Tree's debilating injury and struggle to even walk again so it was a poignant moment as we witnessed the seeming past of our sport being pushed by the future and heir apparent . Then a remarkable thing happened and those present there who witnessed it will have the memory of it etched in their minds forever more . The GL said to Mike , " mate get up out of that wheelchair and walk to the start ." The crowd was spellbound . Again the GL admonished him , " walk Mike!" With faltering movement the shattered limbs began twitching . Jerking . Nerves spasmodically firing . Uncontrollably propelled as if by an invisible force. Next he was standing . Unbelievable ! The GL took him by the hand and these two ageless warriors edged their way with faltering but ever growing surety towards the starting line . I for one am not ashamed to say I had tears streaming down my cheeks . This was mateship in its supreme embodiment . The needs of the other outweighing the needs of the one . This was the Anzac tradition at its noblest and as only a Scotsman and Englishman on a sunburnt beach on an antipodean shore could embody and personify . No wonder the GL has been embraced in his adopted homeland as a long lost son . The results will show that Mike Trees finished his 99th park run and the GL was there to support him as he collapsed emotionally and physically drained across the finish line . On the 25th of this month Trees will reach his century of park runs . I for one will be there . Sandgate pier . 7 am . There are some things in life you can't miss out on . I was there the day I was born . I was there the day I got married . I was there the day my first son was born , and by god I'll be there when Mike Trees does his 100th park run and I hope you are as well .