19 June 2017

BRRC 10km Champs 3rd 34;33

I reduced my Friday and Saturday runs to 10.6km for a  mini taper for this event but was still running with over 100km a week legs.
Up at 4;30am.
The  Race starts at 6;30am. Conditions were cool with some wind.
A huge turnout of non members bolstered by Queensland Masters Athletics combing the QMA Championship with the BRRC Championship.
130 finishers in the mens comp with 80 women joining us (plus those who only did the 1x5km loop).
I started OK ,leading for a short way before the likes of Patrick Nispel Elliot Carr Peter Run and Osman Saleh formed into a group as we headed down to the 2.5km turnaround.
I managed to hang with these guys till that point running 3;17 and 3;20 on the way. We had to contend with a headwind on the journey back.
Peter Run who it turns out was only running 5km, was surging and coming back to us.
Osman was the first to drop, then me just as were closed in on the fisrt lap and passed the second 180o turnaround at 4.9km. The leaders went over the line in 16;56.4 and I was 16;59.
Nice to break 17 on that course but still somewhere below my expectations. Perhaps my mini taper wasn't enough. The two inclines we negotiate each lap dont look much on paper but post race analysis of my pace on Connect/ Strava shows significant slowing on those 'hills' (only just under 4 min pace!). The 180o turnarounds aren't so bad as you get used to the slow down and speed up requirement (see graph below).
Elliot and Pat drifted off in front and I retained a modest gap over Matt McDonald who was running this mid long run (he'd put in an hour before the start). My second lap was a disappointing 17;34.
Pat Nispel ran incredibly even paced (another taking this as a training session) running 16;56.6 for his second lap to win in 33;53.0 with Elliot a close second in 33;58.2.
My time was 34;33.
I must dig out my list of 10km Road performances for comparison as when I first started back into masters racing ten years ago I would regularly run 34 minute 10k's.
An easy two weeks for me now as I fully taper for Gold Coast Half. I had hoped to have a crack at Ronnie's 72;19 there but I need to be able to cruse 33;30 for the 10km to run that!

My first sub 17 lap around West End
Peter and I at end of first lap

End of second lap contemplating what does it take to run 72?

Coming towards the end of the first lap, Elliot, Pat and Peter

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