05 June 2017

BRRC 30km 1;51;36

My feet were OK after my run Saturday so I decided the opportunity to 'race' 30km was too rare to miss and rocked up at the South Brisbane Sailing Club House at West End at 6;00am for the 6;30am start. A brief 1.5km warm up and we were off. This event was even more low key than standard because of a huge City to South 14km and 5km occurring at the same time across the river, a charity Half Marathon and associated races at Pine Rivers and another Half Marathon up in Mackay taking away some of the regulars. It was quite chilly, on;u 12 O C and 82% humidity, just felt a little wind at the far turnaround and on the way back. I decided I needed to restrain myself on the first lap (5km) and try and ease into it. I had company for the first 5km but the lad mainly sheltered behind me rather than taking the pace. Through the first 5km lap in 17;47.
I was comfortable enough but a sore rib (possibly injured due to an aggressive sneeze!) was giving me some gip (any deep breathing has painful all week). 
Only 5 laps to go. 
Its hard to say I was fully racing as running alone its just the mind-games you play with yourself to push as hard as is comfortable. At times I was pushing myself at other times I was just cruising not even thinking about anything in particular. Lost in thought or listening to a marching band play Amazing Grace with bag pipes and drums drifting across the river for the City to South festival. A Calypso band was playing further along the river but I was unable to distinguish any of their tunes.
The good thing about doing loops and crossing a start finish line with a running clock its easy to check and compare on progress. 10km in 36;21 (18;33) wasn't as quick as a fortnight ago during the 25km. 55;10 (18;49)  at 15km I was about a minute behind. I wanted to run around 1;50 and realized I was going to miss that target at 20km 1;14;18 (18;58 my slowest 5km but happy to at least keep them all inside 19 minutes).
25km 1;32;58 (18;49) compared to last fortnights 1;30;46. I needed to run 17mins for a 1;50;00.! Instead I  finished off with a 18;38 to record a 1;51;36. (on my Garmin/Strava which recorded 30.2km that's 3;41min K's). 
The Colossus of Master Running, Norm Green ran 30km in 1;46 at 56y.o. and 1;49 as a 57y.o. incredible.
Read about the Rev. Green here; and here see his running stats here some discussion about his incredible training regime here
Mightily impressive!
I had some pain in the feet during the run but nothing too bad, the rib had far more of an impact. I hope to get back into some mileage this week after recovering from Sunday.
Gold Coast is only 4 weeks away now.
Displaying 30km splits BRRC 4th June 2017.PNG
30km splits
25km splits for comparison

Splits from my Half Mara in April where Clay dragged me around the first 6km.


TokyoRacer said...

That's a very good run! Hope your rib heals soon.

TokyoRacer said...

Just checked out the Norm Green training regimen. Just ridiculous. A normal human being doing that would be injured pretty quickly. He was one of those freaks of nature who just don't get injured. Dean Karnas, Doug Kurtis, etc.

Secret Blog for Killing Track PBs said...

Nice one David.

Sangate Gazette said...

It was a satisfied and vindicated David McSweeney who confronted the world's press after he singlehandedly orchestrated one of the greatest park runs in World History at Sandgate last Saturday . Leading by age graded example the irrepressible Scots/Irishman delivered in spades on his promise to make the world stand up and take notice at the world's fastest growing phenomena , Bertism . When queried whether this movement was a logical extension of Brexit and Trumpism the GL , as he's affectionately known , said he never saw it as an 'ism'of any variety but a logical progression of his core values of self deprecation , hard work , dedication to a goal and a never throwing in the towel attitude . He expressed his admiration for his able lieutenant Peter ( Bracko) Bracken whom he sees as his logical successor , not that nepotism is a word the GL would ever warm to . " Bracko is the person I've hand picked to handle the day to day business of what I've termed the BERT squad . I've designed a club singlet and instigated a competition for a squad motto . I could easily have given them one myself but I'm encouraging self reliance and initiative . The winner of our motto contest will get to pose with me for the official club photo that will hang in pride of place at our new club house , I've named Newstead House . On Saturday we scored a victory over what I term NANCI . Neurotically and nonsensical compulsive idiocy which I think sums up the plight of the world today . To see their adherents turn up like a wave of ill-disciplined barbarians with their snake charmers , war paint and ludicrous hand gestures made me determined to show them what a disciplined , well dressed and well coordinated club could achieve . For all their voodoo theatrics they could barely put a runner in the top 10 and I left them to lick their wounds as they sprouted their nonsensical gibberish over a witch's cauldron to bemoan their idolatrous gods that had let them down ." The highlight of Saturday was when the GL officially adopted Peter Bracken as his legal son and heir . " People think I'm immortal . Only my Garmin implants tick that box . I have to look to the future and in Bracko I see a reflection of myself reflected in a hall of mirrors that stretches down a corridor I see as my legacy." As a hardened cynical journalist even I couldn't resist the urge to pick up a BERT team enrolment form . Impartiality has its limits and under the guise of investigative journalism I'll fill and post my entry form off . And yes BERT singlets come in XXXL . They cater for more than the elite .