20 February 2011

A hot one

5.24pm 10.56km Roo+Lake 39m30 (3m44 K's)

3m56, 3m52, 3m38, 3m46, 3m44, 3m47, 3m41, 3m40, 3m43, 3m46, 1m56 (3m28 pace 560m)

It was still pretty hot at 5.30pm yesterday, the sun was just setting, 29 O C (84 O F) and humidity about 60%. 
I had spent the day limbering up (Whipper Snipped the whole garden! and swam) . I started out fast but with no real intention other than to run Roo+Lake.
Having had two weeks off and a very easy week I wanted to test the hip and see how much fitness I'd lost. 
The hip was still niggling but I could cope with it.
It was a pretty mental thing to push myself so soon (sorry Jim!!) but I enjoyed the feeling of pushing myself and was rewarded with equal 11th fastest time over Roo+Lake, going through 10K in 37m34.
If things hold together over the next month I'll be racing the National Masters Champs in Brisbane at the end of April, probably 10K, 5K and 8K XC

1 comment:

Scott Brown said...

I hope you can get there, still plenty of time and the conditions for running will get better by the week!

All the best David!