01 February 2011

Out of Action

Monday morning at 5.00am trotted around Roo with more than the acceptable level of pain in my hip so cut run short. The rest of the day I was limping around and again this morning in quite some discomfort as I walked the dog. This injury has slowly built up since I think 3rd Jan when I did the 2hour trail run at Mount Mee. It has got worse and the only thing for it is rest. It is an undefined pain somewhere around the ball and socket joint. I have weakness in bearing weight on that side. My suspicion is that it could be another stressie. I'll take some time off see if it's still there and if so seek consultation.


Anonymous said...

Dave, Sorry to hear your news hopefully it's nothing to severe and you are only on the sidelines for a short spell.
You could always come south and join the HuRTS injury team and join the newly formed bike/swim club thats going around :)

BeerMatt said...

Hopefully nothing too serious and you'll be banging out more kms soon. Fingers crossed.

Tom said...

Good luck Dave. Build up those glutes.