07 February 2011

Peter Magill, 1st Place Masters - 2011 USATF Cross Country Championships

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I love how they seem to shove a mike at Pete as he is coming down the finishing tunnel/shoot. Pete just having won the overall Masters Title (M40+) at age 49 is still lucid enough to give fellow Masters some good advice about training/racing, states his only aim this year when he turns 50 is to run 5K on the road in sub 15m and he is able to answer what his does for a living!
Mens Results
Womens Results

I've had a week off running feeling sorry for myself I eventually did a few core session, swam, and went out on the bike for an hour. I can just about still feel the hip so will take another week off and see how it is - fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...


Check out these results as well Dave..some top us runners from 80-90's in Trautmann (mid to low 13"s 5K and Nohilly (8:16 steeple). Any connection with the very intense track sessions lately and your hip rather than the long run ? Lot of volume there...

Martin Rees ran 14:53 and 30 mid in his early 50's. Still tearing up the roads in Wales. I won't even mention the scores this weekend but things are on the up at Anfield...everyone failed to take advantage of United losing.

Take care of that hip.

Scott Brown said...

One of my favorite people/runners Mr.Magill. Always speaks the truth and has a great sense of humor.

Sorry to hear you're off at the momement David but it was only a year or so ago that Peter was struggling with injury but as he says the prediction is for sunny weather with a caveat!

Tom said...

Whoa whoa whoa! I think we might have to backtrack a bit here. Where is any mention of the greatest comeback in Premiership history? I had to have a rest day yesterday to recover!

David Sweeney said...

Joe, well done on your super 4m33 MILE (Indoors)and I was happy with the Reds winning!
Scott, it is warm humid and very Cloudy but I'm happy to take Petes Long Range forecast! He is The Man!
Tom, I'd had a few on Sat but my son Oli was keen that I stay up and watch the game. I was nodding off and missed all our goals but his cheering meant I saw them on replays. I thought 4 -0 at Halftime I may as well go to bed but I didn't and suffered the unimaginable! Dubious pens but a good last goal, I was happy with a point in the end! Well done in the Sun Run

Jim Beisty said...

Interesting comments by Mr Magill.
One hesitates to say it,David,but my reading of your training day to day suggests to me that you train too hard too often.There seems little balance or progression in your "schedule",with races thrown in willy nilly.
Injury is the great leveller and constant injury is generally a measure of an unbalanced training schedule.
I hope that you won't take my remarks as too presumptious,but you are still a relatively young man with many years of top racing ahead of you.
Perhaps you need to spare one of those years to getting your body back in good healthy shape. A "Lydiard" period of running through the coming autumn/winter seasons might pay more dividends in this regard.
Hope you get over the hip problem soon.
Best Regards.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jim is correct. You train too hard too often.

-F. Burdett