28 February 2011

It's only a game!

Thurs 5.22am 10.53km Roo+Lake 46m04 (4m22 K's)
Fri 5.22am 10.52km Roo+Lake 46m18 (4m24 K's)
Sat eve 10.69km Roo+Lake 43m42 (No Garmin)
Sun 5.43pm 10.33km Roo+Lake 42m16 (4m05 K's) 

Still feeling my way back into it. 
Not sure if I'm recovered from the hip thing as it is hanging in there.
More steady running for the time being.
Much howling heard into the early hours this morning at the Sweeney household due to Gooners misfiring!
Still it's only a game!


Tom said...

So is our Roo + Lake challenge on Saturday morning off?

David Sweeney said...

No Tommie its just a training run! I can't race it! Where are you staying?