01 April 2012

Sunshine Coast Cross Country Series #1

The last few years I have run the 12km and added the 3k as a form of warm down but being a little under done I decided to race the 6K today only. Super conditions but perhaps not the best for running as warm and sunny conditions, we went off 2mins after the 12K runners so always had someone to pass. Our course was 2 laps (3K laps) fast start and a young lad gapped me early. On the hill on the 2nd K a group of 3 or 4 past me as my condition started to tell. Sorry I didn't wear the heart rate monitor as I'm sure I'd have got into the 180's!! 
On the second lap I managed to find equilibrium and re past 1 or 2. Ran with a youngster for most of the second lap who kicked at the finish but I was too gone to respond. 
I hoped to break the M40 record for the distance and might have snuck under it but as there is a new 50 to 60 age group it will be a record whatever. 
I finished 4th overall in 21m42 for the 6KM The Garmin had it spot on 6.00km.
Will post Garmin link later.
We are going to be running this same course perhaps 3 times this series so I have every chance of improving my time. Might run the 3K when I'm feeling fitter. The heel is ok on grass but even so, hurts after, on the drive home.Will continue to manage it.

Ronnie Peters WON the Queensland 10,000m Open title on Friday aged 58 in 34m10 - State Champion amazing! Francis Mahony (50) ran very well 35mins 19

Keith Bateman ran 32m50 to finish about 6th in NSW Open 10,000m exceptional performance for a 57 year old.

Ronnie, David, Ian and Craig were all running today. Craig ran 6K with me and the others ran 12KM. The 12K winner from Ronnies AShgrove Harriers looked super impressive and won by a mile from a Maroochy lad and Neil Labinsky in 3rd.
Will post results mid week!


Bellthorpe said...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you Dave, had to get away smartly with my wife not well.

The speedy Ashgrove chap who won is Ronnie's son Jonny.

You say you measured 21:42? The results are showing you at 23:42. Sounds to me as if the 2minute correction for the 12k was not applied, although my time looks correct. If it was 21:42 you did break the record for M40+, which was 21:43 from 2005.

Anonymous said...

F Mahony
1km Splits and Ave Heart rate
3:31.1, 156bpm
3:29.0, 168 bpm
3:26.6, 173 bpm
3:28.0, 175 bpm
3:31.5, 175 bpm
3:31.7, 177 bpm
3:33.9, 177 bpm
3:36.5, 176 bpm
3:37.6, 177 bpm
3:33.8, 178 bpm

David said...

Thanks Craig
Thanks Francis great work! even'ish splits ,high bpm compared to me.