16 December 2013

Rooting Roos

Fri 13/12 5;17am 10.64km 44:22 4;10
Sat 14/12 5;53pm 10.60km  41;40 3;56 152bpm ave 171max
Sun 15/12 5;16pm 10.61km 39;30 3;43 157bpm ave 174max

I didn't have much time at the weekend so just put in two tempo runs. Today (Monday) is a recovery day.
When I finished my run Sunday two Kangaroos came hopping past me, very obviously a male after a female. She was having none of it, hopped off up my road then back down, then back up. I tried to take a selfie with them in the background but they just hopped out of view.

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