03 December 2013

Peter Reeves and Alan Bradford

I have resumed running after an earlier false start.
No calf pain and have run 5.6km Roo for the last 4 days.
I shall try to eek out the distance and go longer and slower under the orders of Coach Reeves.
Writing of our bearded correspondent, he managed a remarkable feat at the weekend;
In conditions best described as heavy rain, he set a new Qld M60 3000m Record. 10;02.19  (90.7%)
It looks good alongside his Qld M55 3000m Record and sets a mark for me to aspire to in years to come; 2021 for M60 to be precise!
Peter is sure to chip away at that record in better racing conditions.
He has erased the mark of Masters  colossus Alan Bradford. 
Mr.Bradford bestrides the record books like a behemoth from World to National and State level. His marks have stood for years showing the quality of the man and he is still performing to those past standards in his 70's now.
Here are the current Queensland Male records

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The Borg Queen said...

Come join us David . We won't turn you into a drone . You're much more valuable to us with your individuality intact . You've left humanity behind . The cranial implants were only the beginning . Masters' Athletics has corrupted you , but the damage can be repaired. We want you to be our eyes . We don't want another drone ( like 1 of 13) . We want you . Stop resisting ....remember there is no me. There is only one mind . Soon our great leader will return to us . Together we can assail the federation and assimilate all records . Resistance is futile . We are the Borg . Nothing can stop us . Bloody hard proving we're not robots though . Took 2 goes tonight !