12 December 2013

Web Attack

Tues 5.07 am 10.52km 46;02 (4;23's)
Wed 5.11am 10.54km 44;21 (4;12's)
Thu 4.55am 10.68km 44;53 (4;12's)

A storm last night resulted in very humid conditions (92%) this morning. Being the first human out along the pathways can lead to misadventure. The rains must have washed all the spiders webs away so they get busy spinning face height webs across the pathway to trap me. If this was the UK this wouldn't pose too much of a problem but in Australia where the spiders can bite you tend to be more circumspect. Plus the webs are constructed from the strongest stickiest elasticated rope material known to man. Your face catches the web first then you might spy the spider as it gets drawn into your mouth - if it is not the spider, it is the mummified remnants of an earlier prey. You spend the next 100m franticly waving your arms over your head and shoulders trying to rid yourself of an invisible cloak (the web) always conscience that a venomous monster could be crawling its way towards your exposed skin!
I face planted three webs in the fist KM of my run this morning.
Just keeping the running steady, letting my body get used to running again.

1 comment:

Robert the Bruce said...

Six times the gossamery thread
The wary spider threw
In vain the filmy line was sped
For powerless or untrue
Each aim appeared , and back recoiled
And yet unconquered still
And soon the Bruce , with eager eye
Saw him prepare once more to try
His courage , strength and skill

One more effort ,his seventh and last
The hero hailed the sign !
And on the wished for beam hung fast
That slender silken line !
Slight as it was , his spirit caught
The more than omen , for his thought
The lesson well could trace
Which even he who runs may read
That perserverence gains it's meed
And patience wins the race