09 December 2013

The Ipswich Express

After resuming running last week and taking it steady for the first three runs I have started to add some distance. The calf feels fine.

Sat 30/11 5.75km 25;44 - 4;29 K's
Sun 1/12 5.73km 24;14 - 4;14 K's
Mon 2/12 5.64km 25;05 - 4;27 K's
Tue 3/12 5.69km 23;27 - 4;07K's
Wed 4/12 4:51am 10.62km 44;20 - 4;11 K's
Thu 5/12 4:45am 10.58km 44;33 - 4;13  K's
Fri 6/12 4:52am 10.60km 45;21 - 4;17 K's
Sat 7/12 10:01am 18;14km 1:13;17 - 4;02 K's
Sun 8/12 4:06pm 10;64km 44;40 - 4;12 K's
Mon 9/12 Rest
I need to slow the pace down further.

News from Queensland Masters , Peter Reeves (M60) ran 4;37 on a windy day Saturday 7th December to miss Alan Bradford's Qld M60 1500m by 2 seconds. That is a 94.62% age graded performance and would have won in the Gold at the recent World Masters Champs in Brazil. A World Class performance by my distinguished correspondent.

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Garmin News said...

Followers of the GTrain have had their prayers answered with the return of their mega star sporting hero to training following a debilitating calf strain . It is hoped that this inspirational fight back against the threat of crippling adversity may inspire the shattered touring Ashes squad to lift their game and show the same grit and determination as their Scottish superstar hero has shown these past few anxious weeks . Sources close to Andy Flower have revealed the tourists have adopted a GTrain doll as the team's official mascot with a , " Let's do it for the GTrain " mantra to help motivate a dispirited touring team in what could be a make or break time in regards to keeping the Ashes . It is now an inspirational and universal tale of survival of how the Scotsman survived for weeks adrift in the Timor Sea to be finally washed ashore in his adopted homeland and to go on and take the master's running world by storm . Flower has also pointed out that it was the GTrain's taking an obese nursing home resident under his tutelage that inspired the myth of the robot and how the science fiction tragic discarded his feeble and pathetic existence as a dementia care patient and aspired to sporting honours at an age most fellow geriatrics would be looking for nothing more stressful than a game of bingo or a beard trim . That is the electrying effect the GTrain can have on those fortunate enough to cross paths with the amiable Scotsman and something sorely needed by the touring MCC squad masquerading as professional cricketers .