10 April 2014

Barnsley 10k 17th October 1993

I came across this result on Facebook recently. 42 British Masters running sub 35min 10K in 1993!
FORTY TWO in one race!!!
Here in Queensland we often contest the heat and humidity make it difficult to run fast times but this is something else. Good to see some Southern representation including my old club mate Julian Goater who incidently won a World Duathlon title in Newcastle Australia a few years back. Hager and Rees have set age records that still stand and Rees is currently running World Records as a 60 year old.
Before you ask I'm pretty sure this course would have been certified.


Tom said...

One of the competitors my Dad always aspired to beat was Harry Matthews (9th in 32:31). Sounds about the right time he'd run for 10km. Amazing standards and depth.

coach dion said...

Now I wish my legs were fresher, as I run a 10km race on saturday, think I could get lucky and squeeze into the top 25 on that list... those front boys just to fast.