09 April 2014

Frank and Barry

Spotted two M50's at last years Gold Coast 10km now on website rubbing shoulders with Buster and Shelley!
Barry Red singlet 2nd row Frank maybe row 3, black and white cap looking for Barry!


Craig Mottram said...

You missed my mate the robot , Dave . He's slightly to the left of frame ( well totally out of the picture if you want to get technical) and about 20 rows back appearing as an incoherent smudge . I told him he wasn't good enough to be anywhere near the front of the field with the likes of Frank and Barry or to be seen mixing with the elite and far more talented runners like myself and Michael . I told him he was a bloody nuisance and should stop posting those pathetic comments on your blog . I'll try to make it out for your charity run and breakfast at the Govenor General's residence after . Will you playing the bagpipes ?

coach dion said...

So how did their race go?

David said...

They both got beat by Monna but both did exceptionally well;