07 April 2014


The MRI specialist concluded a complex radial tear of the medial meniscus on the posterior horn. 
My consultant told me old trimmed tears are likely to show up and he his judgment was exactly that. He had a good look at the remaining cartilage and said osteoarthritis is unlikely to present for a while yet and with a fresh prescription for Celebrex (anti inflam) in my pocket I will be on the road tonight!

I am trying to distance myself from my North London Footballing love (it is too painful to even go there) and spent the day yesterday watching the Paris Marathon (until I got kicked off the TV by the family demanding to watch the Block!) so onto the computer to watch Bekele finish it off and then 6 hours of the tour of Flanders.
I loved seeing Spartacus sprint for his third victory there.

Game of Thrones starts again tonight.

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