07 September 2014

Bridge to Brisbane 2014 8th 33:17

Far right  in sky blue is Nick on his shoulder is center is Jacko the  Queensland King and Harry Summers who ran 29:30 and backed up with 14:10 for 4.8km but didn't get the winners cheque!!!
Barry was furious at  #136. Courtney courtesy of Red Bull
Finish line relief depress the Garmin and check out Peter Nowill behind me!
Carpe Vinum team member (!) Winner Harry Summers - black vest, takes us UP the bridge. He backed up by also winning the 5km later by 30seconds! Barefoot talent!

I got to Murarrie an hour before start so leisurely warm up with the boys and onto start line with Barry one side and Courtney Atkinson Olympic triathlete on the other.
Flew off at the start to get some space and was in3rd or 4th! Worked hard up the hill which is 1km and harder running than I remember! Had to ease off to reach a level. Cruised down the other side mindful not to over stride. 1st km was 3:27 2nd km 3:05 as we run down the bridge someone pulls up alongside me Peter Nowill who is a past winner and one of The Greats of Brisbane running scene. Illustrious company! At this point things are pretty spread out Nick Toohey is gapping me up ahead!
Peter Nowill told me after he was trying to work with me and take a turn but couldn't find the effort !
I ran away from one of the Greats!
The inner city bypass at 8km was looming and I could see I think Hintsa M up ahead, but I didn't catch him till well into the last km and an added bonus Alistair Stephenson had slowed down to a jog. Hintsa didn't show up in the results so I'm not sure what happened there? (he dropped out!)
I run into the showgrounds finish by myself and stop my watch well after the line.
After drinks and fruit with the boys we jogged back to the start
To my horror Nick alerted me I was missing from the results!
Later I appeared in 9th behind Pete and 33:27 !!! ???
Eventually it gets corrected and I'm thrilled to finish 8th 33:17 on that course!
Nick put together a team to try and bag the $2000 team prize we ran as Carpe Vinum (sieze the wine) to try and steal the prize money to be spent at the Treasury Casino. We missed out by 15 seconds Fitnance who always win. Combined time best 5 team members. Still we won $1000 which we will be spend on dinner , the kids and me ! Maybe a beer or two in December.
It was great fun being part of a secret team putting the bejesus up those toffs of the track!
All alone again - naturally (thanks for photo Olga)
With Barry. Con picked up a free newspaper and ran 12km warm down carrying it.
In hommage to Cadel we tucked in our free towells!
back row Phil Ian (Braveheart) Moi, Peter (the Robot)
front row; Pete, Con (still got his free paper) and Chris.


SBx said...

Great running David again. A great year for you.

Scott Brown said...

Yes you really are on fire these days David. Inspired by your efforts and results. I wonder how many of the people you were racing in your youth are running 33min 10Ks in their 50s? None I'd expect. Impressive running, hope you keep getting all you want out of this sport, you deserve it for what you've put in.

Braveheart said...

Today, I finally got to run on the same ground as the illustrious Garmin Lama. The occasion was so overwhelming and mesmerising that I was not able to concentrate on the run (you don't normally see pilgrims running?) As a fellow Scotsman it was a great honour and humbling experience to shake hands with the Garmin Lama after the race. However it was a bit disappointing that there was only cut watermelon, oranges and no haggis, bowls of porridge or deep fried mars bars on offer.

Post Race Report
The Garmin Lama's stunning run left many a top gun runners, half the age, gasping in disbelief. A rumour quickly spread through the thousands of spectators and runners in the finishing area that as a result of the magnificent performance a petition had been raised to change the name of the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge to the Garmin Lama Bridge. This is in recognition of the glorious achievement. It is noted that the number of participants has dropped considerably compared to previous years. The name change to an international recognised iconic figure will significantly increase competitor numbers.

Lucy Lovelace said...

Yes I think he's mesmerising as well . And putting in so much effort just so he could have one of my Naughty Tooty fruity lolly pops . The lenghts some men will go to ! It is unfair that the also rans like the poor robot ( remember him , I don't ) get to eat only left over watermelon and rotting oranges while David and I were in the VIP reception lounge . Plenty of Barren Cliffs confectionary and caviar not to mention bubbly . I did get a little tipsy but like David said even a blonde has to let her hair down sometimes .

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love SBx . The guy has a talent for understatement . Great running . A good year . Come on Sonny Bill get a thesaurus . Ramp up the rhetoric . Hyperbola is alright . Remember this is the Garmin Lama you're talking about . They've declared a national holiday in India mate and the best you can come up with is " great running " . Can't you just learn to grovel like the rest of us? Go post somewhere else if that's the best you can do . Come on Dave can't you filter some of these tragics out .

TokyoRacer said...

Wait a minute, this Summers guy won barefoot?! That's some serious barefoot running. And then topped it off with a fast 5K. What was his 10K time?
I've seen barefoot runners, but have never seen a fast one. Damned impressive.
Oh, you were impressive, too, David.

Sources close to the Garmin Lama said...

But he didn't ditch his Garmin did he ! You can run without shoes but not without a Garmin . Just ask the Garmin lama .

Lucy Lovelace said...

Yes that's a good point . I've never seen David without his Garmin on . He told me he feels naked without it . I've seen him without shoes and .......well you get the picture but he insists on keeping his Garmin on . Says he has to live up to the legend of the Garmin Lama . I told him I want the man not the myth .