29 September 2014

Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef

Contrary to rumours of my early demise I have survived 1200km on the Bruce Highway to Airlie Beach and then 3 nights on Anaconda lll sailing to Whitsunday Island Whitehaven Beach then out to the GBR Hook Reef and Hamilton Island!
I managed to run 6km at our overnighter in Rocky on the way up and also 10km up and down a world class Whitehaven Beach on our first day at sea.
Out on the reef there was no chance for a run so missed a couple of days training!
Spent my 53rd birthday out of range of phone and internet!
Back in Rocky this evening (1600km on the Bruce done!) Just chillin !
Still suffering jelly legs from being on board!
Heading to Hamilton

Towards Great Barrier Reef ; Hook Reef

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Collective voice of world hope said...

Who's the stunningly attractive woman posing with Con ? There's no caption . Rodger Bannister took 10 days complete rest before breaking the 4 minute mile so there is some justification for this self indulgent holiday cruise before attempting the Aussie 50/54 5 &10k records . Let's hope it's the right call mate l . The GL's fans world wide hold their collective breath .