20 September 2014

Golden Beach parkrun 16:06 1st

Golden Beach this morning looking out to Pumicestone Passage to the northern tip of Bribie Island

Last Friday I ran hill sprints but decided on making the hill more runable so there was less after effects on my glutes! This is more about enhancing your running physique than old school {find the hardest hill possible and doing 'hill' work}
Saturday I ran 2 x roo+lake for 21k in about 4:00 KM pace. 
Sunday I headed up to Beerburrum for the 23k trail loop at a much more leisurely pace.
Decided to rest Monday and Tooheys Tuesday session got abandoned as a Mother of an electrical storm loomed overhead cracking lighting rods down at us! Could have waited it out but was being eaten alive by a billion mossies!
Wednesday morning decided to run my KM loop around the block at home 6 x 1km average 3:07 with about 90sec recovery.
Steady runs then through to Friday and parkrun at Golden Beach this morning.

I should never become complacent and ignore the beauty of our wonderful State and the running conditions and environment it gives us. The course runs along the  coastal path, the same path forms part of the Caloundra Foreshore 10km I did earlier this winter.

Only a very short warm up, having arrived late. At the start I thought I went off very hard but the actual split was only about 3:14 showing the effect of the tight twisting board walk section slowing me down.
Ran hard back onto the path but slightly hesitant not having raced the course before and not knowing exactly where the loop around to turn back was. Found it OK though and and continued running 3:15s the whole way. Oncoming runners not really a problem but some pedestrians and a dog briefly forced me off the path.
Finished in 16:06 and happy enough but would be happier running sub 16 ;-)  
A great selection of masters followed me home Chris Bell David Scroope Phil Davies Paul and Jenny Shard, and Andrew Reeves.
The poor Robot is suffering from pneumonia and had to spectate this morning while Jim Woodruff and his partner Jan were volleys.
We had a fabulous BBQ breakfast back at Jan and Jim's beach shack at Moffat Beach, his home is beautifully adorned with surf boards, surf skies, surf memorabilia and some running stuff! What a place to retire to!
Ready to hit the Garmin at finish line

Sprint start before the Boardwalk section

Tied up and lost form towards the finish

The Garmin Lama with prototype Lama going for  $99+GST

Jim and Jan rewarded me with an exclusive Oz Paddle cap!

We were grateful The Robot stayed alone in the corner not spreading his germs. Jan and Jim and Paul and 10bpm David Scroope beside me! Look up for boats and paddles!


Anonymous said...

no garmin outfit tut tut

Anonymous said...

maybe a new sbh club vest is required

The Ghost in the machine said...

There was palpable excitement at Golden beach at yesterday's park run with the crowd unsure whether it was the real Garmin Lama or his doubleganger the likeable Sicilian rogue Con Dimauro who frequently confuses the public with his uncanny resemblance to the Scottish Superstar . With the smell of burnt effigies still wafting through the languid early morning haze the race began where it was clear that this was the 'Lama himself running and obviously with the bitter disappointment of his cherished Scottish independence coming to nought the previous day . The race result was pure Lama . Like a conquering hero , He came , he saw , he conquered and posed for photos . The normal statistics prevailed . Open Course record , age graded record and leading Australia performer . His Scottish brother in arms , Braveheart securing the second place ranking having been sent south by his master to shore up support for the Yes vote in Sydney . The lama attended a feast in his honour at a disciples home where he laid hands on a debilitated Robot to purge him of possession by a devil . The effect was immediate . With a revolting gush of phlegm the sinister figure departed and the Robot was restored to health immediaty ( nearly) and was last seen sobbing emotionally and wading out in the direction of Bribie Island . As a supporter remarked , " just another day at the office " for the man known to us all as The Garmin Lama . Oh flower of Scotland when will we see his likes again ......

Insatiable said...

Yes vintage Lama . The man's more than a runner he's a freak of nature ! What's next ? An Aussie 5 &10 k track record ?

Fred Gossip said...

It appears that the Godfather of Masters Athletics ,Ronald Peters , has sought to intervene his services in settling the ungodly row that has erupted over the Robot's apprentice Tom's tasteless comments in regard the great ones's Aussie Masters 50/54 10k track record . Ronnie , as he prefers to be called , issued a small statement to the world's press taking time time out from writing his memoirs . Describing himself as a state and club hack , the multi crowned former world champion was quick to point out that things were much tougher for runners in his pre Garmin days than they are today ." I had to make do with a calender and sun dial when I first started out . Ay they were simply times but we made do as best we could , " quiped the mutiple Australian record holder . "A run often had to be estimated and was rarely precise . A runner could often get lost in the bush for days suffering exposure and snake bite . Now a training workout can be downloaded and the Garmin does all the hard lifting . The runner just goes along for the ride ." Ron , who now lists his hobbies as following the career of the GL to inspire his own comeback and whose experienced first hand this cybernetic misfit called The Robot , has cautioned Tom to tread wearily before throwing in his hat or sun visor into the ring with that villain . " The Robot is a corrupting influence that's undeniable . I found it was best to just ignore him . Let him slobber away ." When asked what chance he thought the Garmin Lama had of erasing his 10k record , the wily old fox simply smiled that enigmatic smile he shares with the Sphinx and said if only he had had cranial Garmin implants in his day . " Worth a minute at least ! " Finally Ron hypthozised that he suspected that the GL had , with his implants , stumbled onto that age old dream of mankind , the Fountain of Youth . " I didn't recognise him at all when I saw him the other day . When I raced him he was always looking drawn and pale . Very grey and old before his time . Now I mistook him for his teenage son . Unbelievable ! I think when he's 60 he'll break 30 minutes for 10k . Why not ? In this new Garmin Age anything is possible ."