05 September 2014

8 X 800m ave 2;29 with 75 secs jog recovery

Back at Nudgee Tuesday for an 800m session. I was in a quandary about what to run due to very windy conditions and Nick running an Anaerobic Capacity (lactate) session of 3 X 4 X 400 off a rolling 1;40 that would leave me smashed. In the end I opted for my aerobic capacity session though I did cut the recovery to a minimal 75sec (100m jog). The wind affected the first bend where I'm running strong on lap one and still just about capable of battling through on lap two. Running by myself, I was pretty happy to run 2;30's early on and with the benefit of running the last lap of the last 800 with Nicks group managed to get the average down to 2;29.
I'll guess we'll have to wait and see how much times were wind affected.
After that my weeks training consisted of recovery runs and a 15km lunchtime run at 3;56 KM pace on Thursday.
So to the Bridge to Brisbane 10km. 
The course isn't exactly conducive to fast times with the first KM uphill and the 8th KM with a real stinger of a hill. 20,000 participants. In last years 5km race I managed 10th and though a top ten in the 10k would be a considered a better performance  I fear the number on interstate participants (Summers and Dinneen for starters) will push me back to top 20. I'll have to measure my performance on time and relative position.
The Robot and fellow Masters are running back to the start after, everyone is welcome to join us!


Confused said said...

Certainly sad that Lusty Lucy has had her final hose down but good she can focus now on her business and love interests that seem to be one and the same thing . Great gesture on the part of the Garmin Lama to run back over the course as a warm down . That will surely be a big thrill for the thousands who may have missed an opportunity to see him during the race . The organisers have certainly got their money's worth that's for sure . Can't believe Pan Pac organisers had the gall to charge the Garmin Lama to enter their event . Surely would be a mix up of some sort ? I'm confused that's for sure . I'll email the organisers and get back to everyone ASAP .

coach dion said...

Go kick some butt...

Lucy Lovelace said...

Yes he certainly will Dion and if he comes in the top 10 as I expect him to I'm going to give him a Naughty Tooty Fruity Lolly Pop . And maybe a little something extra to go with it :-)