30 October 2015

Sandgate parkrun 2nd 16;29

Catch up report.
Last Thursday our plans to race the Cool Night Classic corporate 5.6km Race in the city got rained off! Well more stormed off with the event 'start finish' area looking smashed up by the storm when we arrived, so just an easy 8km around the course and Botanical gardens and some beers at the Public Service Club followed by Irish Murphy's in George St.
On Friday, Mike joined me for his first actual running of Roo+Lake, so I smashed out a 41 minute (3;50 KM ave) run and managed to gap Mike by a minute - or was he sandbagging for Sandgate?
At Sandgate if its windy its tough going. I flew for the first K but was caught by Peter Run and a little later by Mike. I was labouring and Mike went past easy enough. At the turnaround Mike said he got there in 7;48 about 6 seconds up on me. As we turned we immediately felt buffeted by the wind and it was pretty tough going. I worked hard and began to catch Mike and Peter who had been running together. Peter dropped off and I went past and further began to draw Mike in. At the finish we were given a 3 second gap but it was 1 second on our watches. I had the token kudos of out age grading him due to my extra year. 
On Sunday Mike and I headed up to Woorim on Bribie Island for an hours run along the beach. I had wanted to take Mike on a Trail run but with a 1500 scheduled for Wednesday, time was not available.
Monday we smashed out another Roo+Lake, this time Mike kept with me. The run was also notable for a snake which we didn't notice till we'd run over the top of it!. 
Mike had previously ridden around on my mountain bike and we'd come across a giant monitor lizard (3 ft long) heading up a tree!
Tuesday morning unfortunately Mike's back had gone into spasm so the race on Wednesday was off. He was in big trouble with a 9 hour flight to Tokyo on Thursday leaving him bed ridden Friday. We are going to be lucky to get all 3 old boys to the start line in Tokyo in two weeks time as Andy Green has had terrible luck with his achilles preventing him from doing meaningful training for the last couple of months.
I'm going to concentrate on dropping 1 or 2kg now Mike has left and I can stop drinking beer!
Not the Cool Night Classic Race but a nice way to console ourselves

Sandgate parkrun - hardwork battling back into the wind

post parkrun coffee at Redcliffe
Sandgate 24/10/2015 Results

Australian parkruns 24/10/2015 Age Grading Results, Mike would have been 3rd but they only list top performance for each parkrun

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