30 April 2009

Santa Runs London in 2H55M50

My buddy Paul Simons M45  ran the London Marathon in 2h55m50 to set a record for running in full santa gear!
 I think I'd have to be wearing one to compete over there -  it's so cold!

Records set at Flora London Marathon
Today was Flora London Marathon day in the UK capital, and below is an
update on world records set to date.

Fastest marathon dressed as Santa Claus: 2:55:50, achieved by Paul
Simons (UK)

Fastest marathon in a film character costume (male): 3:11:50, achieved
by Ian Benskin (UK)
Fastest marathon dressed as a cartoon character: 3:36:07, achieved by
Darren Stone (UK)
Fastest marathon in an animal costume (male): 3:42:27, achieved by
Alastair Martin (UK)
Fastest marathon dressed as a vegetable: 3:34:55, achieved by Robert
Prothero (UK)
Fastest marathon dressed as a leprechaun: 4:22:08, achieved by Jack
Lyons (UK)
Fastest marathon dressed in a full suit: 4:19:37, achieved by Thomas
Day (UK)
Fastest marathon dressed as a fruit: 4:32:28, in an orange costume,
achieved by Sally Orange (UK)
Fastest marathon carrying a 40 lb pack: 5:35:19, achieved by Gordon
Chaplin (UK)
Most runners linked: 29, achieved by Neal Gardner and his 28 friends
(UK) in 6:18:41

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