30 January 2011

finding my equilibrium

Sun 2.00pm Nudgee 8 X 1000m 200m jog recovery
Hip was noticeable during session , started cautiously,
in pretty windy conditions with a 3m18 very comfortable,
thought Id get upset with times and only decided to
time every other one, 3m12, 3m10, and 3m07
Considering the wind & the hip I was satisfied with the session.
I haven't downloaded the Garmin data yet but I saw my heart rate
up at 179bpm towards end of session, really working hard. It is
exactly the type of training I felt I had been lacking
during recent races where that feeling of the heart
racing (uncomfortable) has led me to dropping down the
pace to find equilibrium.


Scott Brown said...

David, sorry for the ignorance, but are you saying its OK to redline in training? And get use to the uncomfortable feeling of the heart pumping out the chest, cause that is what you need for good racing?

I'm on a training plan now that basically doesn't have me running over 90% of my heart rate and running really low heart rates most of the time, can you see problems with this approach?

By the way I would have thought your max heart rate would have been lower. what was it early on in your career compared to now?

By the way there is a song written about Osaka too, Called "Osaka lover" check it out!

David Sweeney said...

Scott what I found is that I was going into races unprepared for that feeling (Heart rate going sky high). As I train on the track to replicate race pace and racing I was finding that the short intervals were not preparing me adequately for racing conditions.
I have no record of younger years heart rate info but with everyone having a Garmin these days it will be interesting to see changes over the coming years.