01 February 2012

10 X 400m @

Wed 5.00am Nudgee 10 X 400m 120m jog recovery


68.61  141bpm
70.67  149
71.08  149
70.20  149
69.00  152
69.38  153
69.88  154
69.24  156
69.50  156
67.54  157

This is amusing;

I thought they should make one about running! but they already have!!
and of course there is a whole raft of similar stuff;
It tickled me when I heard "planta fasciitis"  also' We better check McMIllans calculator for the equivalency conversion'


coach dion said...

I've got 400's on Thursday, but since I'm racing Tonight they will be slow, I think I will aim at 76-78, and then next week push for 74-76. I'm scared that if I aim at 70-72 I'll only finish 2-4 of them!!!

I think the longer stuff is easy...

TravelLark said...

Hey David,
I'm a master runner in the 45+.  Our time are comparable with you being a little faster.  Began racing recently - 2011 was my first year of racing. After placing 7th AG in my first race, running became my passion.  I never lost again in my AG and started winning overall at the end of 2011.

2012 was a different story.  My PF came out of nowhere and couldn't run for months.  Then a rash of other injuries followed.

If you have a spare moment could you confirm or add any details to my perception of your training. From reading pages of your posts, I gather you run roughly 45 miles and average 1 interval or race per week.  Have no idea if you do any type of structured tempo runs or the loop around the lake sometimes turns into a tempo.

 When I got hurt, I was averaging 65 miles, 1-2 interval sessions, and a tempo each week.  Enough rambling, just trying to find an alternative trianing plan that keeps me semi-healthy. 

Thanks in advance if you find the time to reply.

TravelLark said...

The years above are wrong. 2011 should be 2010 and 2012 should be 2011.

David said...

Hi Bob,
Nice to hear from you! Where are you from? Do you race track?
As for my training I do what I feel is right for me. Pretty low mileage by comparison to others, during the Summer I try and do two track sessions a week and a race, I think track is critical for me, other than that I'm just getting out for a steady run each day - nearly always just recovery pace specially with this damn PF! I have tried lifting the mileage but I feel susceptible to injury when I step it up. If I can run well on what I do that is enough for me. I dont want to live like a monk and be totally focussed only on my running. At 50 years of age I am happy that it is a big part of my life that I really enjoy but I also have a youngish family and enjoy the occasional beer.
If your looking for workouts Pete Magill would be my recommendation.
He writes for Running Times in the States check out http://wpblogs.runningtimes.com/blogs/performancepodcasts/2012/01/podcast-smart-masters-training-with-pete-magill/
In the past I remember reading that Pete is not wedded to the stopwatch and likes hill sessions and is big on stretching before and after every session.
Good Luck with your running.

TravelLark said...

Hey David,

Thanks for the reply! I'm from the USA but started racing when I moved to Thailand in 2010. Track races here are non-existent with the exception of Bangkok. I raced exclusively 10K's with the exception of a half I ran a few months ago because my calf couldn't handle 10k speed.

Your training isn't complicated and some might even describe it as too routine. When I was healthy, my training was also routine but I wanted to take it to the next level. Tough intervals and training in race flats, I'm guessing, were the root causes of my impact related injuries.

I'm starting to feel healthy again and have resumed somewhat traditional training in lieu of steep incline treadmill runs. I actually ran my first half in October of last year with 90% of my runs on a treadmill at 6%+ inclines. Finished in 1:15:03 and thought I was ready to really start training on the roads again. I wasn't and injuries continued.

Anyhow, I'm going full circle and focusing on building a base and running in traditional trainers. First time around I didn't understand how intense training impacts the body.

Good luck with your running and the PF. Also, those 400 intervals are amazing. I would put you at 15:30 5k with the sets you were running late last year. I'm more into long intervals but might give the 400's a try when I can handle the speed.