29 February 2012

Stroking the Koala

Sun Mon Tue I spent 50mins on the stationary trainer in the morning and ran a real easy 6K in the evening.
Last nights run was in the dark after getting home late from work. The usual warm and humid conditions. The pathway was over populated by Cane Toads which you have to judge which way they might be leaping to escape you as they are likely to take a direct path to your next foot step! Heard lots of rustling in the bush beside the path (Lizards/snakes?/toads) and at one stage thought I thought I saw a giant Monitor Lizard at the base of a tree. I stopped and realised I was face to face with a Koala ! I said how do you do and how are you going little fellow and he just sat there, I reached out and stroked his back and he growled back at me! Shouldn't really touch them but I wanted to impart just how close I was.
Have decided to see if I can pain manage the PF and with treatment get things going again. The pain factor is down from 8/10 to 5/10 (I'm not limping even after run).
This morning I got out and ran another 6K wore the watch just to see how fast/slow I was going = 4m33 K's but have decided I don't need to wear the watch much more I just wanted to compare my running heart rate with my cycling heart rate (130bpm running to 110bpm cycling).


Clay Dawson said...

Great to hear that you're on the mend! Also that you survived the koala incident!!! I went for a leisurely bush walk with my partner and over the course of 6kms we came within 2ft of THREE separate snakes! (one a rather fat and dangerous looking red bellied!)....

Keep on getting better!

David said...

Wow Ipswich really is wild!!
Thanks for your thoughts

TravelLark said...
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TravelLark said...

Feel your pain and was in the same place you're at now in December 2010. I was in great shape and had set a goal of breaking a 33 min 10k in the over 45 AG when PF shattered my plans. It was basically a year until I could run pain free. Ultra sound, cortisone, massage (art & traditional), rice, … all did nothing for me.
What worked for me and almost immediately were orthotics and not the type you buy at the local store. I have my doubts they will cure your PF but it is worth a try. I had expensive custom orthotics made that were stiff and not enjoyable to run in. I hated them so much that I only gave them a week before ditching them for 8 months.
8 Months after ditching the orthotics and constant PF issues as well as numerous other injuries caused by altering my running to accommodate the PF, I put the orthotics back in my shoes. The relieve was immediate and I resumed training. 3 months later, I took them out because I still hated the feel and the injuries resumed.
For the last 2 months, I have been running injury free with zero pain in my custom made orthotics that I designed and have made by a shoe cobbler. They weigh 25 grams compared to the 300 gram custom ones I had made. Cost $5 vs. $300.
So many variables when comes to tendon injuries and all you can do is keep trying new remedies. Best of luck.