15 February 2012


Imaging appearances are consistent with plantar fasiitis with thickening and increased signal demonstrated of the proximal plantar fascia at its insertion on the medial aspect of the calcaneus. Reactive intraosseous oedema is also demonstrated within the calcaneus at the plantar fascia insertion. The calcaneus otherwise appears normal, in particular there is no evidence of a stress fracture or other pathology.

Which is a good result!, the PF was, as we expected and the oedema (bruising) will heal with rest. The PF is harder to treat and none of the additional techniques have a magic bullet or guarantee. I was thinking of giving the  lithotripsy a go but at $500 for 3 (or 4 if required) treatments , no rebate from medicare and possibly nothing from private health insurance it is an expensive 'possible' remedy! 
Other treatments suggested including injecting my own blood platelets into the area and sticking an 'angina' patch on the area.

I have been out on the bike the last three morning cycling 3 X Cadel (28km) each morning in 75mins. It burns up the same calories as my normal 10.5km run.
I shall take two weeks off running and assess things from there.


Tom said...

Good news Dave.

I thought the angina patches were a waste of time - I had them for my insertional achilles tendinopathy. Blood platelet injection I think had some benefit but was bloody painful and you'll take 2 weeks to recover from it.

Have you considered orthotics?

Anonymous said...

My doctor prescribed angina patches for my crook calf muscles.
Bloody waste of time and money.
Hope you get over the PF,it is a buggar to cure,expect it to recur rest of your career,sorry to say from my experience.

Easy Tiger said...

The 1st priority is to reduce the inflammation, cortisone and voltaren 50mg work for me. The biggest mistake I made was complete rest, immobilising just made it worse. Get someone with good skills, not brutal, to release your calves esp FHL and peronneals and mobilise the joints in your foot, my 1st TMT and Talo Crural joints were completely stuck.

coach dion said...

My wife had achills problem, and it was swollen like a golf ball, then she ran a couple to many races/TT in racers and bruised her heel,,, Well she stayed of the tar for a couple of months and then pushed it to hard in a race really hurting her achills. Maybe it's pulling way from the heel!!! anyway she had a cortisone injection into the achills (the 2nd time) and that brought the swelling right down.

Good luck

David said...

Tried orthotics but didn't enjoy, uncomfortable, but might give them another go.
Consultant didn't seem to rate their use. I suspect they relieve pain but don't actually do much to ease the inflammation.
Consultant also mentioned they are using Botox for treatment! The science is pretty good and besides even if it doesn't work your left with a really good looking foot! Ha ha ha!

David said...

Thanks for your thoughts even though the news is grim!

David said...

Thanks for the advice Gary. My consultant is very anti cortisone, but shall redouble my topical application of voltaren. Shall also stress the points you make on calf to physic/therapist

David said...

Thanks Coach, I suspect my quest for grass will be that much greater from now on.