25 February 2012

Getting chicked and weighing my bike

Ok so I have had two weeks break from running. A miserable time for me as I see the fitness eek away by the hour!
I tried to stay in shape getting out on my bike every morning for a 30km torture fest. I am keen to push it on the bike but had the unfortunate circumstance of ladies going past me seated whilst I am up and out of the saddle on an uphill. How can this be happening? I convinced myself that these must be semi pros and riding feather light carbon framed bikes. I got home and weighed my Woolies Special , it was some thing like 14kg! these ladies are riding 7kg and that must be the reason they were passing me!! (My wife says just accept it they are better cyclist than you)

I tested the heel today with my 10.6km Roo+Lake untimed. 
The rest has done nothing to improve matters so Monday I'll get booked in for the Lithotripsy 

Congratulations to my fellow M50 Bruce Graham down in Canberra, he ran 15;55.04 on Friday night. It is a shame I'm looking increasingly unlikely for Nationals this April in Melbourne as fit, we could have pushed each other to Championship bests if not age group records.

 I have morphed over these last two weeks , I have got all the bike gear but having a heavy bike means I am not competitive. Can you believe people have been telling me sandals and socks are not a good look!

And this one really is me with my first set of wheels in the back garden Colindale London NW9 in the early 1960's!


Tim said...

Classic Master, love the pixs, and i can just imagine you been 'Chicked', Might have a loan of your pixs of thats ok and a bit of fun with them ( at your expense) .hope you don't mind :)

David said...

Timmy I fully expected it from you!
Please go ahead and make my day!
I need a laugh.

coach dion said...

My wife had a brused heal and felt she was alergic to the tar so she stayed on the pavments for 4 months!!! yes it took a long time to go away...

So run bare foot on the grass and good luck.