25 April 2012

2011 World Rankings M50-54 5000m

More cycling today, I got overtaken at a set of lights I'd stopped at by a guy older than me and a lot larger, he timed it perfectly to keep going as the lights turned green. Try as I might I could not catch him back up. Surely I am better than this? 
Imagine if the guy was actually racing (like I was) - perhaps he was? No! 
Now I remember, I saw him sitting up and straitening his back on a down hill section.
OK this cycling is purely calorie burning and some fitness for me.

The World Masters Rankings are up to 95% complete for 2011. The beauty of turning 50 in Sept allowed me to jump from 41st in the M45-49 5000m with 15m50.18 (4th Aussie) to 6th M50-54 with 15m55.34 (1st Aussie).
For 2012 I know that my early 15m57 has been bettered by Bruce (15m55) in Oz and three Americans.(Mike Blackmore just ran 15m16.77 !! New USA Rec M50)
See the full 2011 list here
Or click on list below for short version of the 2011 5000m  M50-54.
That last minute , one off 1500m I ran in December got me 13th for a 4m22.15 which is my best ever ranking at 1500m. Of course Keith Batemen had a Stella year in his M55-59 Cat. Also Great performances by Peter Reeves and Ronnie Peters in that Cat.
Full Rankings are here

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David said...

John Dryden a Shaftesbury runner living in France told me Jean Lius Prianon just behind me in this list was a sub 28 min 10000 runner in his day!