11 April 2012

The Walking Dead

Winter has arrived in Queensland - I ran in a tee shirt this morning and the overnight temperature is dropping below 20 o C.

Wed. 1.5km WU 5 X 1km at Woodvale 'Square' [Grass] 200m jog recovery
3m19.36 149bpm
3m25.14 152bpm
3m23.64 156bpm
3m17.26 158bpm
3m17.89 158bpm
1.5km WD
Tough going running 9 corners per KM on grass. Absolutely no due on the grass which was another first this Autumn.I found myself losing concentration at times (floating).
Ran session in Adidas climacool rather than barefoot to see if it made much difference on post session pain -
it didn't.

Tue Rest
Mon 3.22pm Roo+Lake 46m43 10.68km 4m23 K's
Sun 5.19pm Roo+Lake 46m12 10.54km 4m23 K's
Sat 3.56pm Roo+Lake 45m19 10.59km 4m17 K's
Fri 4.43pm Roo+Lake 44m43 10.58km 4m14 K's
Thu 5.23pm Roo+Lake 48m22 10.60km 4m34 K's

Just ticking over, still waiting for the heel to heal. Not much happening race wise, XC next week and in a few weeks the 10K season will start.

Had a great Easter weekend with the family. Sails Festival at Redcliffe on Friday, Bribie on Sunday.
Friends tipped me to watch The Walking Dead on FX on Sat and Sun First Series back to back episodes all evening! I love a good Zombie movie and this TV show does not dissapoint. It stars the English guy from Teachers Andrew Lincoln. Series Two back to back episodes on Tuesday evenings with NO adverts!
This is the promo for the series.

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