04 April 2012

Sunshine Coast Cross Country Series #1 photos

 Start of the 6KM
 They're off
 The guy in third is gobsmacked!
The only thing on my mind is getting up the hill and scooting past some of the 12K runners who started 2mins in front of us. 
 Jonny Peters was 2mins clear in the 12K. Looking more and more like his 'old man' !
 Neil Labinski 3rd 12km
 Running Queensland Style. Alan Mullins 4th 12KM.
 Ronnie getting overtaken by the U18 winner (and outright race winner) Shaun Lee 21m03
Michael Hooper 21m38
 These young pups have got no respect! This youngster kicked past me in the final 400m I had nothing!
 Just crossed the line and stopped the Garmin on exactly 6.00km 21m42
 Queensland Open 10,000m Champion Ronnie backing up 3 days later.
 David Scoope getting in the miles for the GC Mara.
 'Dont you know my bark is worse than my bite!' Craig AKA Bellthorpe!
More quality!

Photos copyright Lindsay Wright

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