05 July 2012

Bruised Ar$e

Here is an update on my accident.
The gravel rash has largely gone but I do have one area that is still weeping!
The bruising is coming out quite nicely and seems to be heading down my crack!
The cuts on my elbow, knees and legs are scabbed up nicely.
Sorry if any of these photos put you off but they are good for recording the healing process.
My thanks go out to all the kind words people sent both on facebook and here on the blog.
Can you believe Pete Magill ([Royalty as far as I'm concerned] took time to send a message!)
Thanks all of you and I am going to love telling my blog the comeback trails and tribulations!

In the meantime, two weeks off work means two weeks of watching the Tour de France live on TV!
How exciting has it been? 
Of course early doors at the moment, it is all set for the sprinters but some of those uphill finishes have proved quite challenging. Peter Sagan is sensational don't you agree?
Wiggo and Cadel are playing 'cat and mouse' at the moment, can't wait for the time trials and the mountains. I'm in heaven watching it all and it allows me time to forget about the pain in the ar$se!


Secret Blog for Killing Track PBs said...

Best wishes for the recovery David. Looks and sounds nasty.

Tim said...

are those patches from Aldi ? :)