10 July 2012

Gold Coast Marathon festival Masters results - Marathon

Here are the top 22 in the Mara and huge congrats to Ronnie's son Jonathan for being first Aussie home in 5th place, as first Queenslander he should win a prize to a sister marathon in Japan. 
I'm guessing it was his début Ronnie if your there any comments on what he thought about it?
Just missed out on sub 2h20 fantastic performance.
My Sydney mate Tommy Highnam ran a PB 2h34.00 and if you can claim your net time 2h33.59! Brilliant running Young Tommy - sure your pleased to be included in my Masters wrap!
Congrats to Mat Skate on his 2h36.43 and top M40  Rowan Walker - he continues to plough out some superb performances 2h21.19. Click images to large them!

Here are the M45-49 Mara results
I was really pleased that my mate from the Sunnie Coast David Scroope won the M50 division! Not sure how he felt about the time but I think it was a terrific performance mate. Age Cat winners get trophies sent to them after the event and I really treasure them.

The first M55 was Martin Schot in 3:06:35 but what about Yoshihisa Hosaka first M60 in 2:52:26 !! an outstanding effort sir! Do any of my Japanese readers know if this is the guy that set a WR about two years ago (I know I should just Google it!)
Sorry I haven't got space or time to put the ladies results or the other older guys results up but your sure welcome to comment on any you think deserve singling out!
Next up we'll look at the Half Mara.My thanks to tiktok for their excellent results that I am reproducing here in the hope that they don't mind if 10 of my mates read them here as well as here


Scott Brown said...

Yes David it is one in the same! Stand up fella, and a surfer to boot! Here is a link about his WR effort at 60 if any of your readers are interested.


I hope you're on the mend.

David said...

Thanks Scott thought his name and quality of performance sounded familiar!
Slowly recovering mate!

hjkuchta said...

Finally see Hosaka is back. Was he injured?
A great inspiration!

David said...

Is Hosaka back?? I haven't seen any results from him since he was setting World Age bests for the Marathon in 2009. Perhaps Brett Larner at Japan Running News may know more details?