10 July 2012

Gold Coast 10KM Results 2012

The 10KM has always been my favourite and this years results threw up some tremendous performances so he is my little recap.
First Place 17 year old Toowoomba Queenlander Patrick Tiernan! 30:34 !!!!!
I have stated before on this blog that this kid is going to go a long way - what a star 
what a performance young man, to win the GC 10KM at 17 is blo0dy brilliant many congratulations and looking forward to seeing you go from strength to strength.
I think Hugh Williams is local, well done to Darry Crook from Ashgrove Rangers - 3rd place!
Matty Carlsson has risen to new heights 31:34 and 6th place!
Nic Cope, Gary Tiger Howard's young charge running 31:49 at M40 9th place I mean seriously great performance. Young Sunnie Coast runner Kieren Perkins (Yeah why did his parents do that to him?) 32:46 for 18th, and Aristo Zenonous 32:53 was running similar times on the track to me over 3 and 5 prior to my injury. Shouldn't forget to mention marathoner Lisa Weightman superb 32:17 getting in some pre Marathon speed work.
Click image to large it!
Superstar Patrick Tiernan

Here are the M40's
Nic Cope

Onto the M45's and first place went to my local (Deception Bay) runner Greg Webster. Greg has been running for years and his legs have probably taken a hell of a battering and to win this age cat is fantastic reward for serious work. I've notice how he is improving his 5km time at the New Farm parkrun week in week out! congrats on your 34m56 which I'd say is a recent best performance and Greg is probably about to swap up to the M50's anyday soon.
Greg Webster

The winner of the M50's was Francis Mahony - well done mate brilliant work. It wasn't until recently when I was looking up some Triathlon and Duathlon results I noticed that Francis is one of our (Australia's) top guys and saw he gained selaction for the World Duathlon's in Europe in September?
And yes all my recent bike riding has made me think about having a crack some day!
Matty Phillips told me that 3rd place M50 Barry Broe is Coordinator General for my employers - a brilliant run sir and total respect to you! Maybe you me and Campbell can go for a jog down George St when I'm better?
Francis Mahony

Barry Broe, lean mean sprinting machine, I'm going to be keeping a close look out for him!

Here are the M55's
Peter Reeves

Peter Reeves know I have the upmost respect and admiration for his achievements as well as his knowledge and experience and always helpful advice. So what a thrill for me to see Peter taking out the M55's in a cool 36:17!! Well done mate chuffed to bits for you!
Second placed Peter Lyden came all the way from Tassie and is a very serious Masters star.
If you know of any performances that deserve a mention please feel free to comment.
I 'borrowed' the results from Gold Coast Marathon site and all results are on the tiktok site here


Easy Tiger said...

Great running by both winners. I can't take any credit for Copey though, we run together a few times per week but he is a long term member of Ken Green's squad. Hugh is based in Sydney with the Sean Williams squad, I believe he is originally from the New England Region, Inverell perhaps.

David said...

Thanks for that Gary, we have a number of other Williams runners up here Grant and ???? from Ipswich
Sorry I didn't add your result specific result!

coach dion said...

Love to see the results from your races, I ran a 10km over the weekend and although I have not see what the other guys did, I can tell you I was 3rd 40+ guy with a 34:57 So I like to see if I could have placed... we had wind and Rain to fight... Cape Town has been, well Cape Town in Winter!!!

Well run to you guys

David said...

Great run Coach that time would have got you 3rd , though we had much better conditions clear skies and probably about 17oC at that time in the morning.
33:30 was 2nd M40 at the GC

David said...

The other local Williams was Drew Williams.