11 July 2012

Thank You Garmin

The strap on my Garmin405  had broken so I was carrying it in the back pocket of my cycling jersey. So as I scrapped along the ground it took some of the force certainly saving my skin from greater damage and who knows what protection to the exact vertebrae it might have also provided? Though it wrecked the watch as previously mentioned I could still hear it beeping in the ambo as I was carted off to hospital , even pumped with 2.5mg of Morphine I was lucid enough to ask the paramedic to pass it to me ( I was in a neck brace!) and  was able to 'stop' the session, save it and even later managed to download it!
I told Garmin about the accident and they very generously sent me a brand new Forerunner 410 (retails at $399). I was thrilled to bits when it arrived and was able to set it up as the functions appear to be very similar to the 405. It comes with the option of two Velcro replacement straps which I think for us skinny wristed runners  offers versatility and the new softer style  heart rate monitor looks an improvement on the harder older one. Of course it is still going to be a while before I get to use it (training) but can't wait!
Thanks again Garmin!

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