22 July 2013

Lanterne Rouge

Saturday 21.1km 1;29;39 4m14 K's  First long run in forever! 
Did OK felt OK.

Sunday 2KM warm up 3 X 3 X 400m 2KM Warm Down 
- I chose this by way of an easy reintroduction to speed work. 
Lots of recovery and run on grass oval at school (rough). 
First set at race pace (I chose 16min 30 as base line), so 79's with 100m jog recovery then 400m jog and 
Second Set 3 secs quicker (76secs) with 200m jog recovery, 400m jog and 
Third Set 6 secs quicker (73secs) with 400m jog recoveries.

2.1km Warm Up 8;42 4.07km pace

Set 1, 78/79/77
Set 2, 3m44 Ave 74.6
Set 3, 3m38 Ave 72.6

1.85km Warm Down 9;32 5.08km pace

Nudgee is calling but thought better to stay on soft oval at local school, barely discernible track marked out but it seemed quite accurate. I had a pair of Plovers for company that dive bombed me on the warm up so I tried to tier them out by standing my ground for 10 minutes while they screamed and carried on, eventually moving off. Also had to contend with a golfer lobbing balls actually onto the track! He did take care not to fire them when I was rounding that side of the track. It was tough trying to judge pace but I got the first set pretty good the second set was too fast and the third set just quicker than target. Great to feel like I was moving again and the heel and calves were OK.
Monday;  got up early to see if Cav could make it 5 in a row on the Champs Élysées but he didn't quite get the lead out he has had in the past (ala Renshaw) and it was Kittel and Gripel followed a wheel behind by Cav.
In honour I got out on the bike for a recovery 33km at 28kmph
Natalie said to me as I went out the door to "ride like it was the Champs-Élysées" but I fear I rode more like I was the Lanterne Rouge, there again it was a recovery day ;-)


coach dion said...

Looks like you are really running well, a goodd track session after a solid half, nice work.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you running again.
Hope all goes well. I thought you might like to share this link on your sight. Yours in running, Ron Peters.


Anonymous said...

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