18 July 2013

Letting it all hang out!

Very late nights watching the tour didn't much fancy bed at 2am and getting up at 5am for a run, the answer was a lunch time city stroll. I gather up my kit bag but left it on the breakfast table!
As a consequence I had to make do with kit that was lying around in my locker for a few years and my work socks!!
The elastic in my shorts started crumbling as soon as I put them on and they required constant pulling up until I sweated enough to have the sweat stick them to me. The other problem was that the inners never sat right and the old fella kept hanging out!
The Garmin was at home with my kit so ran with my phone and used Strava to record. Only problem with that was I couldn't work out the lock release to stop the timer which made for a very slow last half KM.
No issues during the run with the heel but some reactions following so iced it.
Went home sock less :-)
11.5km  @ 4mins04 felt good but just a twinge from the calves so I backed off.

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coach dion said...

The Tour has been great this year, very exciting and fun to watch