29 July 2013

Martin Rees

Ronnie suggested I post this fascinating (for us old geezers) article on Martin Rees who ran 71m32 for the Half Mara at Bath (UK) this year aged 60!
A M60 World Record.
He is running 70miles and doing 2 or 3 speed sessions a week.
His training is not far removed from mine though I would not cover that amount of miles, I would get up to two speed sessions a week when fully back into it.
At the moment I am still building back up and slowly introducing some speed, mindful of my Achilles Heel = my heel!
Last week was pretty much steady runs (Thursday was a rest day = travelling to Rocky and back).
Friday I flew around my Roo+Lake course in under 40mins which is pretty rare. 
10.6KM in 39;59 = 3;47 K's, 
followed on Saturday (short on time so only squeezed in a Roo)
5.7km 21;33 = 3;46 K's.
Sunday I ran a steady 
21K's 1;28;37 = 4;11 K's
This morning (Monday) I cycled for an hour and 15mins by way of a recovery day.

Martin Rees
REES,MARTIN (Mark Shearman)

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My Training to 27th July 2013


TokyoRacer said...

Yes, that is fascinating - thanks for posting it.
Once I start up again, I will do a program very similar to this (not quite as much distance).

That's an incredible Half time....

TokyoRacer said...

You know, thinking about that further, it's really mind-boggling. At age 60, I ran a 1:23:15, which got me first place in a fairly big Tokyo-area race. And the 50, 60 age groups in Japan are quite strong. In America, a 1:23 in the 60s would win virtually any race, there are only a few guys in the whole country who can run faster.
And this guy ran 12 minutes faster!!
That's more than 30 seconds faster per kilometer!
3-4 minutes after the start, he would have been out of sight! Crazy....

coach dion said...

I had better stop slowing down then, I'm only 43...

but what sort of times was he running in his 30's?

David said...

Hey Coach,
Says he started running at 37 and had a PB 65;37.
People often speculate if starting running late on in life provides an advantage in later Masters running? Keith Bateman didn't run seriously till later on in life and he has also set the World alight with World Records galore like Martin.