20 November 2013

On my bike

I managed to run 5.6km Roo on Saturday and Sunday and the calf was OK but got out again Monday morning and had to walk home after 4.9km as the pain returned. Maybe it is only a form of cramping rather than a pull or a tear.
I have been back on the bike for 30k's Tuesday and Wednesday.


Garmin Today said...

It was feared Dave McSweeney , the global face of Garmin , may have suffered a relapse of his Tourette's syndrome following a suspected calf strain this week . However the GTrain ,as he is affectionately known to his hardcore fans among the Arsenal Football team , was quick to tweet that if the power of global prayer and a vile of holy water sent from the Vatican count for anything than he should be on the bend soon . Aaron Ramsey was also quick to point out that a goal scored in training the day before the GTrain tweaked his calf should not be seen as anything more than a coincidence . It's been rumoured the entire Arsenal football team may follow the GTrain's example and have cranial Garmin implants inserted to help improve their positional play and give them a competitive edge . They (expletive deletived ) well need something !

Ronnie said...

Hi Dave,
Take care on the roads mate. A lot "killer cars" out there who see cyclists and pedestrians as nuisances instead of humans with families and loved ones at home. Shock jocks love stirring up the idiots. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWH7fBEfbew

Hope your leg heals well.


The voice of the collective said...

Oh great and supreme leader ! He whose voice resonates with unfailing common sense and profound wisdom , we your humble servants listen and obey . The Garmined unit will follow your directive even unto the nth degree that you in your supreme omnipotence sought to command him to acquiesce forthwith to , without question or procrastination in regards that matter you saw to enlighten him upon . We humbly await your further commands . We are a wilderness awaiting a voice . We are a cause without a prophet . Return to us soon Oh great one .. We humbly ask that lesser numbered cube members be allowed to assail the federations outposts at their weakest points and assimilate minor records in the hope and expectation of your return to reclaim that which is the supreme leader's rightfull inheritance . Forthwith the Garmined unit ( one of few ) will not through foolhardy hubris attempt to cause you concern for his well being and jeopardise future plans for offensive operations against the evil federation empire but will instead confine himself to safer and less hostile environments in full compliance to your wishes . He who commands is listened to . We await your further instructions Oh all powerful and supreme Ruler whose dominion is our sport and whose example is our model to emulate .

Cranial Garmin implant said...

It's good being back on the Roo minus lake Dave . I love this course . I hope we don't have to go back into that God forsaken forest again . When you had me turned off I had nightmares that we ran into Ivan Milat there . A lot of the other Garmins tell me that running to the top of Mt. Gravatt is a lot of fun . When can we do that ?