23 July 2014

Back on Track back to Nudgee

Last night I went back to the track for the first time in ages.
The all new Nudgee (Private School) track cost $700,000 to lay with ancillaries and is secured by 'prison like'  3m barbed wire topped fencing that reeks of  'your here to do work'. It keeps the dog walkers/ inside lane Charlies and kids playing footy OUT! 
Open to the public I think 5.00pm till 8.00pm Mon to Friday (at the moment). $4 for a session.

I'd arranged to tag along with Nick Toohey (1500m 3;39 in 2011) for his long track session;
1200/2000/1200 with 2mins between reps followed by 5 minutes between sets and repeated 1200/2000/1200.
I haven't run long reps in quite a while so 3 laps was daunting enough! 
5 laps was downright harrowing. 

On a desolate night, the only people there were Nick and I,it had just rained and it was cold! 
Nick's intention was to run 72's/75's. 
I managed to stay with Nick for the first 4 reps but he put the hammer down on 5 and 6 finishing 20 secs ahead on the 2nd 2000 and 10secs ahead on the last 1200. 
I forgot my watch but going off Nick's times I ran;
3;43, 6;14, 3;45
3;41, 6;30, 3;51

This is Nicks data

Nick would like to invite anyone (any standard) who wants to come along and join in 6;00pm Tuesday at Nudgee

- read about Nick and his track session schedule here;
That muscle definition is outrageous!
I'm taking this week off work so I can watch the last week of the Tour live.
I may run at Sandgate on Saturday. Do a long hilly road run the following week followed by Garmin Lama Day on 9th August.


Track side at Nudgee said...

Nick Toohey received the thrill of a lifetime when he was joined for a Speedwork session this week by none other then the man of the moment himself , yes the one and only Garmin Lama . A clearly overawed and star struck Nick commented , " I knew who he was straight away . I mean who doesn't know the GTrain ? What surprised me was how down to earth and approachable he was . I mean the guys a megastar but he put me at ease straight away and signed by shirt even without my asking . As you know I train the Nudgee Cross Country side and Dave's agreed to give the squad some motivational talks . Some of the older boys even have a Lusty Lucy doll they've adopted as the team mascot . We hope to win the GPS title this year and our catch cry is , ' let's bring it home for Lucy '. " Anyone can run with the GTrain on Tueday nights as long as they pass the Turing Test . Not much chance of the Robot doing that !

Lusty Lucy said...

By the way Nick do the lads have a standard Lucy doll ( $9.99) or the upmarket R rated version ( $19.99) that glows in the dark when you squeeze it and says .......

I'm very naive said...

...and says what ?

Answer to naive said...

Take me for a ......run ?

BBC old boy said...

The R rated version I've seen strapped to the Pelican's bike is definitely not suitable for Catholic schoolboys ! Neither is the full blow up version I bought off E Bay for $59.99 which says it can be adapted to operate with GPS tracking . I guess that would help keep those Nudgee boys on course for that elusive GPS cross country win and prove handy should they stray morally or geographically .