26 July 2014

Sandgate parkrun 1st 15;48

I was still feeling Tooheys Tuesdays in my legs so wasn't sure how I'd go today. 2km warm up a few strides felt ok but nothing special. Conditions were still and about 14 O C = pretty good - though actually I felt cold.
Said hello to Chris Bell at the start and then we were off. 
I wanted to go out hard but not too hard but ended up overcooking it by going through 1K in about 3;02. Mindful that the 2nd K on this course always seems to be slow I attempted to keep the pace honest. I was out on my own. Hands were freezing but I'd forgotten to bring my (nancy boy) gloves. About 6;15 for 2K that will do OK and onto the turnaround at 2.5K decided to run around it going right. A bicycle rider was coming towards me just at this point and we took a second trying to work out which path each of us would take. I stayed out left to assist with the turning circle. Glanced at my watch 7;51 pretty good going. Someone has created a strava segment 'Start to 2.5km' which had me running 7;46. 
I always try and pick things up after the 180 O turnaround slowdown. Not sure why but Garmin/Strava always seems to time  the 3rd KM here fast when really it should be slower. I was surprised by how close 2nd and Belly were. 
We run on into the sea of humanity as the rest of the field encroaches on the pathway. 
I have a very close call with a women running with a dog but get through without a 'head-on'.
3km in 9;30 and I'm thinking I might go sub 15;50 if I can only keep relaxed and push at the same time. 
I stopped  my watch at the end of the chute and after grabbing my finishers token which accounts for time discrepancy between official time and Garmin time.

Why am I running well? 
My weight is hovering around 60kg! 
I've stepped on the scales and seen 59.3kg! 
Adherence to the Peter Reeves school of how to improve your running by cutting out the beers.
That is the answer.
That sacrifice has paid dividends.
12 months of consistent running but not particularly hard training. 
Dan Murphy's shares are dropping as I type!

My official time 15;48 equalling Nick Tooheys course record!

My wife says that I have thrown down the gauntlet as that would be how I would react!

a glorious sunrise over the bay this morning
250 starters and I'm looking peculiar!

Showing good form at the start (it never lasts!)

I was telling myself to relax but to run faster!

The finish line in sight

Chris Bell ran 17;12 , 1 second outside his PB

Is that the Garmin Lama on his warm down??
I'm going to save this snapshot for prosperity before Nick has the chance to rid my name from the record books!


The Robot said...

Yes David 12 months ago you were fat mate . Lusty Lucy said you just had 'love handles' but she would put the best spin on it wouldn't she ? Someone had to tell you mate . It was when you started posing in Lycra . It wasn't a good look . The boys all said who was going to break it softly to the GTrain that he was verging on obese . Being the eldest ( by 20 years ) they said I should . So I did . Seems a long time ago now mate . Remember that warm down we did ? I said to you , " mate you're a ( expletive deleted ) embarrassment to yourself and the sport . You'll have a ( expletive deleted) heart attack for sure . How can you hope to be the international face of Garmin with a ( expletive deleted ) beer gut like that ? Take some pride in yourself for God sake ." Do remember that day ? You took it like a man . Gave up beer and soft drinks . Cakes and tarts ( not Lucy ) . Fast food . Sweets and lollies . Sugar cubes . Tin Tams . Biscuits . Chips . Deep pan fried peanut butter sandwichs that had enough calories to feed a Bull Elephant . Today made it all worthwhile didn't it ? That's what mates are for . If your mates can't tell you that you're as fat as a house then who can ? We new you could be a thin megastar . You just needed discipline . Remember when you said a balanced diet was a meat pie in each hand ? We can laugh about it now but at the time it made me want to puke . All the boys are chuffed for you . We're looking forward to you putting a good spread on for us on the 9th at North Lochs . Just because you're still on a strict diet doesn't mean the rest of us have to suffer . Barry likes a Monte Carlo biscuit but knows when to stop . Doesn't eat the whole packet like you did . The secret now is to stay thin . No beer and chips watching the tour . You've done the hard yards. We're all proud of you mate . You've done Scotland proud . Well done . Nearly 95% age grading . I don't take all the credit for today but that's because I'm modest . You owe me big time mate ,

Games update said...

Michael Shelley paid tribute to the Garmin Lama for his historic breakthrough win at the Commonwealth Games Marathon overnight . " I have to give a lot of credit to these Go GTrain Gels that Mona gave me . I thought you were meant to injest them as the small print was written in Punjaby which I can't read ( neither could Mona) . Turns out they were GTrain 'After Shaves ' but bloody hell they give you a lift ! I was expecting to catch up with Dave here in Scotland but apparently he has some Garmin Lama Day next week he has to attend for his adoring fans to worship him at and for grovelling hanger ons as well just looking to cash in for a free feed . Celebrity has it's drawbacks believe me . "

Anonymous said...

Good to see Lusty Lucy finally getting into the picture at Sandgate and looking very Churchillian in the process . About time Dave posted her picture on the blog . Nice one mate .

Lusty Lucy said...

Hey don't forget my friend Tiny Toni . She's my best friend and mud wrestling tag team mate .

Protocols for Garmin Lama Day said...

1) proof of age grading may be required for admittance
2) when greeting the Garmin Lama men are expected
to bow and women to curtsy .
3) you address the GL as Sir or His Holiness
4) you do not sit in the presence of the GL if he is
5) do not engage in conversation with the DL unless
addressed first .
6) do not bore the DL with inane topics such as your
latest niggle or injury . He's not interested .
7) the DL is happily married . Lusty Lucy is not his
girlfriend . If you make a reference to her you may be
asked to leave .
8) at the playing of the bagpipes the function will be at
an end and you will be expected to leave forthwith
9) GL merchandise wil be for sale and you can expect
some real bargains . So show some appreciation
10) enjoy yourself and have a good time and show
gratitude and humility .

Garmin News said...

The Garmin Lama has cautioned his league of fans , admirers and grovelling hanger ons not to expect the normal superlative breath taking epic defining performance that has become common place for the expatriate Scotsman of late . " Garmin Lama is a day of celebration not superlatives ," he cautioned and while there was little likelihood of his being uppstaged at his home park run he needed to prioritise his goals for the remainder of what has been a vintage year for the bag pipe performing McSweeney . " I want to get back to my roots ," he explained ," and mix with the little people . The age graded challenged . Those people to whom I'm a breath of fresh air in their drab dull lives . This is a chance to put something back into the sport ." When asked about his new upgraded multi million dollar endorsement deal with Garmin the Scotsman diplomatically offered , " no comment," but gave a mischievous wink and broke into the chorus line of Flower of Scotland which he has promised to entertain the crowd with on Garmin Lama Day . Certainly a treat to look forward to and not to be missed out on .