07 July 2014


I was the second guy home over aged 35+ and finished 10th in the Queensland Championship 10km see that result here

Listen out for Mona's;

the longest 'run in' known to road racing!

If I had glasses maybe I could read what time that clock says!

I got to slow down or I'm going to beat Mona's time!

All the hard work is done time to relax.

Completely relaxed and easing off!

Rounding the aquatic Center

Run through the line and start praying the robot is off song.

Does this 'run in' ever end?

You sponged off me for the last 2km now you suddenly come to life!

kids these days! Shaved legs!

Garmin Lama 
32;58  or 94.6% age grading is worth some insane performances


Australia you've got talent guest judge said...

" You seemed a bit nervous today Peter . Maybe just a little 'off song ' maybe ? I don't think you're choice of song was the best for your very limited vocal range . What was it again ? Flower of Scotland . You had a lot of trouble hitting some of those high notes mate . Plus the low ones as well . You need to show a little more emotion as well . The delivery was a little flat . I wouldn't say wooden . No on reflection it was a little wooden . Almost robotic I'd say . A song like that demands to be sung with passion . I actually think you had a lot of nerve even showing up here to audition . Was it a dare of some sort ? Quite frankly I don't think you have any talent for singing at all . I honestly suggest you learn to play a musical instrument to cover the fact that you're tone deaf . What about the bagpipes . Any fool can play those but it takes real talent to ignite them ."

coach dion said...

I'm 45 and believe I can run sub 33:00 again, last year I ran 33:30 but have been injured since then and can't run fast at the moment...

Now looking at those other times I don't think I will even be brave enough to aim at them... Time to get fit and see when I can do.

Your time inspire me to run fast again.

Anonymous said...

Yes I totally agree with Coach Dion . The Robot was well off song . He certainly wasn't singing from the same song sheet as the Garmin Lama . I've heard Dave sing Flower of Scotland and I'm surprised he never turned his not inconsiderable talents to making a career as a professional singer .

Lusty Lucy said...

You should have heard David singing Oh Danny Boy in that rich base Scottish baritone voice of his all the way home after that breathtaking performance of his on the week end . It's a weekend David and I will cherish forever . I'm sure coach Dion will break 33:00 again . David's just help author a new running text . An Idiot's Guide To Superlative Running Performances . And only $29.99 . How does he do it ?

Garmin Connect said...

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