31 July 2014

Toohey's Tuesday

On Tuesday I headed back to Nudgee to accompany Nick Toohey on his session. Thankfully 5 other guys showed up including Peter Bracken and Jaryd  Grantham from Shoes Feet Gear who had served me earlier that afternoon when I acquired a pair of Mizuno Wave Hitogami (racing flats) earlier in the day (coincidence or what!).
Last weeks session knocked the stuffing out of my calves so I needed to look after them.

Nick's session was 2 X 4 X 600m off a rolling 2;30 with a 5min break in the middle.
I hammered the first in around 1;40 but was still a mile off Mr. Toohey. The lactic from that first interval stayed with me the whole session - Masters runners can run fast but their ability to disperse lactic must diminish. I struggled the rest of the session but was glad to have Sean and Jaryd to work with. 
A great session for a 1500m runner but not so relevant for a 5000/10000 guy. 
I will take a closer look at what is proposed next week if needs be work an aerobic session by myself.
My stats with the Garmin paused for recovery were;

Heart Rate
Avg HR:155 bpm
Max HR:174 bpm
Heart rate didn't get going on that first interval = anaerobic work leading to lactic

Had a steady week running in the beautiful warm afternoons though today managed a 5.6km Roo with Sascha early and a 15km Brisbane River run in the arvo.

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