10 August 2014

Garmin Lama Day - North Lakes parkrun 1st 16;03

A 2.5km warm up = run from home to start, a few strides and some hellos to the Masters. 
I haven't run North Lakes parkrun for a few months so it was nice to get back to familiar territory. 
'Race' plan was always going to be to work hard/run hard but it was never going to be an all out effort. 
I rarely manage to hold myself back over the first KM but succeeded today with a 3;16. Soon enough we complete the first lap and head into the second and I managed a rare glance at the Garmin for another 3;16. You have to concentrate on what line your going to be running trying to take the tangents when you can but deep into lap 2 that is never possible and your concentrating on just avoiding collisions. I noted the 4th KM was a 3;10 which is pretty much as fast as I can run a mid race KM. I held form OK to the finish (may have tied up a little judging by arm carriage on Shardys video). Happy to cross the line in 16;03 official time.
It was an open invitation for breakfast at ours after and I managed to cope with simultaneous BBQ'ing sausages/bacon/eggs whilst juggling condiments and cutlery, cereal and bowls: without question for me this was the performance of the day!
My thanks to Shardy for video and photos and to Garmin for their incredible generosity for providing the tee shirts.


Anonymous said...

North Lakes Times said...
Garmin Lama Day proved a stunning success today as enthusiastic crowds gathered early at the holy waters of Loch North to celebrate the life of North Lakes most famous resident , expatriate Scotsman and world heritage listed running phenomena , David " the human headline " McSweeney . The English language has long ago exhausted it's lists of superlatives to find words commensurate with this man's performances over the past year . It was left to Paul Shard to find words , in his native tongue of Swahili , to capture the mood of the crowd and their appreciation when he spoke so eloquently and emotionally these fitting words , " umwagaji damu nzuri kukimbia . " The day started in sombre fashion with a moving traditional welcoming to country ceremony by traditional land owners with McSweeney playing a haunting rendition of Flower of Scotland on his didgeridoo much to the crowd's delight. An ecumenical church service followed where thanksgiving was offered to the almighty for bringing the talented Scotsman to Australia , a gesture seen by many as proving once and for all that there is a just and good deity ruling over human affairs . It goes without saying that his holiness the Garmin Lama set an age graded course record as is his custom on these occasions . Fireworks followed illuminating the pre dawn sky and in a spontaneous and heart felt gesture Garmin Lama memorabilia was distributed to the crowd with many seen crying and overcome with emotion . To ask if the day was a success would be akin to asking if the Garmin lama isn't worshipped in Nepal as a living Bodhisattva . It was only fitting today of all days that the life of this extraordinary human running dynamo was celebrated at its' zenith and not long after the man himself has vanished from our consciousness and his performances shrouded in mythical legend and his deeds whispered of in hushed apocryphal tones .

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coach dion said...

working hard to overtake that lady!!!

Anonymous said...

Lady ? That looks suspiciously to me like Lusty Lucy . You just keep her out of the picture .

Lusty Lucy said...

David isn't trying to keep me out of the picture . We just have to be discreet . People love to gossip .