03 August 2014

Maleny Lions Mountain View Challenge Half Marathon 1st

I was up early this morning to get to Maleny for the Maleny Lions Mountain View Challenge which started at 7;00am. Unfortunately the early hour caused me to forget my Garmin so I have no record of the performance.
It was my intention (hope) to treat this Half Marathon as a training run hoping that a rural country town and other events (QA Long Course XC Champ yesterday and Brisbane Mara Festival today, as well as the Cane to Coral in Bundy might dilute the opposition to manageable proportions. 
Maleny is out beyond the Glasshouse Mountains an hours drive from my home and situated 400m AHD. It must get a lot of rain as milking cows are the predominant agriculture and the Maleny Dairies are famous for their dairy produce.
At the start line Bryan McManus (see Caloundra Foreshore 10km) introduced himself and like a dumbkopf  I didn't recognise him (hair cut/no backward placed cap on head). 
'$hite' I thought, I was going to have to work for a win!
The course basically  heads out of Maleny Uphill to Mary Cairncross Country Park , does a loop and then return same way we headed out. 
At the start we were to run two laps of the showgrounds however we got misdirected to run around for a 3rd lap which was to add another 1km to the total!
For the first 5 or 6 km Bryan and I ran together enduring what Stava says was 450m elevation (total).
We were pretty honest in the effort. After 6km Bryan dropped back a bit and I opened up a little and gapped him to a comfortable distance. At the turnaround I'd guess he was 30 secs behind. I never saw him again till the finish but he said I was yoyoing between 35 and 40 secs ahead. I ran the 'descents' back to Maleny easy trying to find grass where possible and look after my calves and knees. I ran about 81;30 for 22.1km about 3;40 K's - a good hit out.
After the presentations the lady from Clif Bar gave me a stack of their products which I was very grateful for and shared with young Bryan. 
Oh the celebrity of it all!

If anyone is thinking of doing this race next year I'd thoroughly recommend it but 
remember you'll have Bryan and me for competition and I wont be taking it easy and you'll have to be good at running up and down mountains!
I found today's course and course profile on Stava from the 3rd place finisher Brad.
Today's course (lucky we turned around before Bald Knob!)

The Course profile - 22km!
Lucy I have nothing further to declare!
Not exactly the City to Surf start line but I will be back next year!
22.2 km !


Garmin Lama week said...

Garmin Lama week kicked off with the Garmined One touring remote and outback country towns as part of celebrations culminating in this Saturday's North Lochs park run . The GTrain , as he is affectionately known, was at his most entertaining best running an extra lap of the show grounds for his adoring public who had crammed every available vantage point to see their hero perform . Traffic chaos meant some spectators arrived late and so as not to disappoint them the man of the hour completed an extra lap much to their delight . This is the type of spontaneous and heart felt gesture that has ensured the Garmin Lama is a marketable commodity world wide and has sponsors lining up to secure his endorsement of their products , a fact seized upon at yesterday's country fair .

Bar Ciff advertisement said...

What's the secret of the GTrains phenomenal success ? Bar Cliff chocolates of course ! " I heartily endorse Bar Cliff chocolates for that extra performance edge ," says the Garmin Lama . " they're the perfect pre race laxative that will guarantee you won't be embarrassed out on the course . Just take as directed and keep that racing edge rather than falling off the cliff !"

Lusty Lucy said...

David you never told me a lady was giving you free chocolates . Is there anything else you didn't tell me ?

David said...

Energy Bars not chocolates mate!
There more volunteers (if we add in the SES) than participants in the run.

Clarification said...

The Garmin Lama reminds all of his followers that Bar Cliff chocolates are far more than your average confectionary . When the GTrain wants an energy bar his choice is always for Bar Cliff .

Lusty Lucy said...

Oh David ! How wonderful . This $300 windfall means we can stock up on Bar Cliff energy bars for Saturday's gala function . When David treats his fans he picks only the very best in energy bars and that's why he goes for Bar Cliff energy bars every time . You can feel the energy surging through your body . Believe you me I've seen David perform after consuming a Bar Cliff energy bar and you'd be surprised at the difference it makes . Makes a girl blush !

Anonymous (?) said...

Yes I can confirm the truth of Bar Cliff energy bars . I use to age grade at less than 60% but after switching to Bar Cliff energy bars recommended by the Garmin Lama my performances improved dramatically overnight . My wife was satisfied as well . You can become a champion overnight as well by switching to Bar Cliff . Feel that performance edge switch . Why train hard and get hot and sweaty when all you need is to stuff yourself full on Bar Cliff energy bars .

David said...

Clif Bar energy bars


Lusty Lucy said...

The GTrain reminds his supporters that he only endorses Clif Bar energy bars and not cheap imitations . Clif Bar have that extra something that the competition doesn't have . The GTrain's endorsement and that doesn't come cheap !

Braveheart said...

Well done! Garmin Lama, on conquering Ben Maleny and leaving all pretenders grovelling in your wake. The villagers in nearby hamlets rejoiced in the victory and the ringing of church bells could be heard throughout the valleys. Even the cattle and sheep brayed and bleated in unison.
Be warned all yee detractors this is a precursor of what is to come at North Lochs.

Don't expect free Bar Cliff energy bars this Saturday as these will only be available to the faithful minions. The Garmin Lama is an astute business man and there are limits to his generosity. For the unfaithful and the age grade grovellers a bowl of porridge with a table spoon of blackstrap molasses will be served. Anyway, this is actually better fare for you peasant runners and will aid your recovery after you have fallen by the wayside on Saturday.

BTW: Don't think that a $1.25 energy bar will improve your paltry age grade scores. There is no 'magic bullet' for you unbelievers. You will find more solace in a wee dram (or perhaps a bundi and coke for you Queenslanders)

A Welshman said...

Black strap molasses ? Why when I were young lad back home in dale I'd I've given right arm for a bowl of black strap molasses . We were lucky if we got a piece of stale bread for breakfast barbecue picked up from side of road .....ay but we were content not like youngsters today

Another Welshman said...

Piece of stale bread . That would have been a treat for us . At our breakfast barbecue we ate gravel from side of road that if we were lucky had a few stale bread crumbs left over from pigeons . But it were a treat to us ...

Another Welshman said...

Gravel with crumbs would have have been a feast for us . Our Dad forced us to eat broken glass washed down with dirty stagnant rainwater . But we never complained because we were content enough ....not like some who complain today

The fourth Welshman said...

Ay but you tell tell young people that today and they won't believe you ....

Tiny Toni said...

Black molasses and porridge is too good for the Welsh . As for the Irish let them have a wee dram to ease their age graded angst .