20 August 2014

Toohey's Tuesday 5 X 1200m off rolling 5mins : 18;45 - 3;08km pace

I'm enjoying the track sessions we are doing on Tuesday evenings at Nudgee though I  can't wait for summer for some languid evenings with warmer temperatures but for now, the cool dark windy nights are providing a good grounding. 
Nick's session tonight 5 X 1200m off his rolling 5;00 mins had me 'quaking in my boots', how was I going to cope with Nick running 3;30's and me aiming for 3;42's but with only 78 secs recovery? 
Battling against the wind was not going to help matters. 
I decided to switch off the GPS on the Garmin because of its inherent oval track issue. 
I thought 74's would be a good pace to aim for - 3000m pace I hope!
Nick and Shane Ward were tearing off 10/15 seconds ahead of me, but I was comfortable with my effort. My first 1200m was 3;42 and my last 1200m was 3;45 (with the GPS switched off there was no record of the actual splits). I ran 18;45 for the 6000m effort which is 3;08 km pace which is more than adequate effort = Ave 154bpm Max 177bpm.
This is my heart rate;
Nick finished after 4 so I had Shane help me out for 800m of the last interval, we ran through exactly even paced 75, 2;30 and 3;45. It felt like I was running very easy with Shane doing the lead work, I was near tripping over his heels thinking we are not running hard enough! It is another story, running alone for the 3rd lap.
At the moment I'm using parkruns/races for a second session in the week and just steady runs in between. Only race goal left is 10km at Bridge to Brisbane on 7th September then track.
Still hovering (?) around the 60kg mark (I have seen the scales say 58.x !).


coach dion said...

Nice session

Anonymous said...

Unless it's Garmin connected Dion you know it doesn't count . No need to be cynical or sarcastic mate . If you want an autograph just que up like the rest of us .

The Censor said...

Yes I fully agree . Coach Dion is well out of order . It's not David's fault he has a dodgy Garmin that can't cope with running around bends . Sarcasm has no place on this forum . It's not hard to read between the lines . Coach Dion is obviously not pro Scottish independence and thinks he can make cheap and snide remarks and get way with it and not be challenged . David's tried his best to do something about the unreliability of the Garmin when it comes to circular running motion . But you can't spend your entire life running from A to B in a straight line . You need variety . My advice is to filter out this Coach Dion or caution him that this is a family oriented blog and certain standards have to be met . So shape up or ship out Dion .

SBx said...

Wow you are flying. Looking forward to seeing your track results soon.

JEy said...

Well not if Garmin is meant to record them mate . Don't you read the blog . If it has corners then it isn't measured . So no track results . What's with this SBx thing anyway . Sounds like a computer virus . Can't you just be anonymous ? You're not Jacko Elliot are you?

Lusty Lucy said...

Yes I'm pleading as well with you Trolls out there to stop picking on poor David . Some of the snide comments appearing on this blog masquerading as supportive are hitting well beneath the belt . Humour has it's place but this week has plumbed to new lows . Jealousy is the obvious motive with David being a mega super star athlete on the world stage with Hollywood good looks to match . I suspect the Robot is behind this vitriolic campaign assuming these ridiculous personas such as Coach Dion and SBx . Surely David can find a way to filter him out of the equation . Ronnie can you help David out ? You're good with computers .

David said...

Thanks Coach , Bruce and Peter AKA Lusty Lucy etc etc all your comments are most appreciated thanks