23 August 2014

North Lakes parkrun 1st 15:53

I was woken at 5:00am by the rain and contemplated giving it a miss but then I'd get wet somehow later so may as well proceed as planned.
Its been raining for two days and though the rain might affect my performance I also thought that the lower numbers running would be beneficial in reducing the overtaking maneuvers I constantly moan about!
2.5km warm up some strides and we are off!
My Garmin goes into power saving countdown just as we start so so hitting start the button  only stopped the power save cycle and I had to hit start again to get it going hence my Garmin time was two seconds slower than my actual official time!
I had in mind that I had never run sub 16 on this course and as I'm running as well as ever I should really try for a strong PB on my home course. You never know when the next injury will strike or what the future holds, so make the best of here and now.
I ran a strong first K glanced at the watch for 3:07.
I wanted to maintain that momentum and not slow too much on the 2nd K and was happy to see a 3:11.
I was thinking I was about 10 seconds ahead of Garmin Lama Day. The teeming rain and blustery conditions began taking the edge off my pace. Saturated timber boardwalk sections could become dangerously slippery but I was staying upright. The rain managed to nudge my Garmin on from displaying the time to displaying the average pace and I was happy seeing 3:11 which would bring me home in 15:55.
The cooler temperatures today also kicked in on the positive side to keep me on track for my course PB.
My Official time got rounded up from 15:52 to 15:53
Alan Bradfords M50 5000m Qld record 15:51 and the Australian M50 Record 5000m 15:49 had both disappeared from my sight but now I'm beginning to believe that New Gold Dream is perhaps that glint I spy up ahead in the distance!
I put the hammer down from the start.

This was a pretty full on effort but nothing like the all out, empty the tanks effort of track.

I thought this was funny, Garmin Lama followed by Braveheart followed by The Pelican!


Loch North Gazette said...

Stung by bitter personal attacks by mischievous Trolls posing as self styled experts during the week , the Garmin Lama answered his detractors in the only way he knows how with another breathing taking record and Australian leading performance on his home course this morning . Speaking to the assembled world press after his stunning course record , a clearly emotional McSweeney said he had used the comments during the week as motivation to tackle a course made even more treacherous by driving rains and strength sapping winds . When asked about the reliability of his Garmin today the GTrain as he is affectionately known and who is normally self constrained and composed had to be forcibly held back from assaulting the obviously rogue freelance journalist who had been game enough to raise such a sensitive topic and issue. Regaining his composure he graciously paid tribute to fellow Scotsman , Braveheart whom he had sent to Darwin on an evangelical mission to Garmin connect that remote outpost of civilisation plagued as it is with dodgy satelite reception and modest age graded records . The mission was such a resounding success that both Scotsmen now sit astride the Australian park run rankings this week like the imposing twin pillars of Solomon's legendary temple heralding in a new golden age of Scottish supremacy over their adopted homeland .

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Pelican is laughing his head off .

Anonymous said...

Hilarious as well that the Robot went AWOL and couldn't make the first 11 . Certainly faded badly when the GTrain lifted the performance bar at season's end ......oh flower of Scotland when will we see your likes again ......

coach dion said...

registered for the park run and had planned to run, but ended up running for 3 hours on the mountain, maybe next week.
But I almost feel it would be a waste as I still an injured and can't run fast!!!

That said I wouldn't mind a crack at sub 16 again!

That's why I read your blog, to inspire me to run fast again!